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9 Things Not to DIY for Your Wedding

Weddings can be expensive — in truth, very expensive. So, it’s no surprise that frugal and canny couples look for ways to save money where they can. The multitude of online tutorials and do-it-yourself wedding ideas may encourage you to consider ditching the professional help and planning it yourself. There are certainly some aspects of a wedding that you can …

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12 Tips to Stay Healthy for Your Wedding Day


Your wedding is one of the most significant moments in your lifetime. Officially joining together with your life partner in front of your friends and family can be one of the happiest days of your life. Because of its importance, it can also be very stressful. You don’t want it to get out of control, causing you to overeat, lose …

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Complete Bride Preparation for Wedding


Do you ever wonder why every woman always looks so glowing in their own wedding? Half of the reason is because they are feeling ultimate happiness at one of the most important event of their life, but the other half is because of preparation. Yes, brides do a whole routine of preparation to look their best at their wedding day. …

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9 Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Wedding is by no mean cheap. After all, you’re throwing a big feast for your guest – a complete set meal from appetizer to dessert. Not only that, the venue cost, attire, and other expenses like photographer and wedding favors – together they will cost you a fortune. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a wedding if you …

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13 Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

You want your wedding to be unique and memorable, but you can’t find enough idea? Do the ideas from the wedding magazine you subscribed is out of budget range or simply not interesting? Maybe you want to look for ideas from other sources then. If you do, then take a look at Pinterest. This curating site has a lot of …

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13 Wedding Games and Arcades that Will Liven Up Your Guests

wedding games

Your wedding is no more a reception than it is a party. In the end, you will want your guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time. However, sometimes for them, meeting new people are awkward. This can dampen the mood in your wedding if you don’t know how to handle it Thankfully, wedding games and arcades are made …

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