Many women have dreamt about their wedding day since they were little girls. They picture themselves in a beautiful gown that leaves everyone speechless. They imagine their future groom. They plan to have their dad, grandpa or brother walk them down the aisle. They also create a list of their best gal-pals, who they want alongside them during the big day. And when her special day finally comes, the last thing she wants to do is to forget to properly thank her bridesmaids! Picking out some unique and thoughtful bridesmaids’ gifts will help any bride say “thank you” the right way. Here are some of our best ideas for giving your besties a heartfelt shout out during your wedding events.

Why Thank Your Bridal Party with Gifts?

Planning a wedding is stressful, but the bride usually has some amazing friends helping her along the way. They help her with just about everything to ensure that her wedding is perfect, from the fun stuff like picking out colors and themes to the not-so-great stuff like helping her in the bathroom in her wedding gown! To have a team like that is awesome and well worth a big, thoughtful thanks.

Are you a bride stumped on what to get a few of your favorite girls? Picking out bridal party gifts doesn’t have to be hard or super expensive. In fact, shopping for your bridal party has never been easier. There are so many great gift ideas out there. Now, how can you say, I was thinking of you, with a gift? Get it personalized, of course! Everyone loves a monogram, right? Even if you intend to get everyone the same gift, adding a personal touch makes such a big difference.

Adding a monogram to a robe, a wine set or a set of sheets is the perfect way to celebrate your bridesmaid besties. Monograms add a certain level of sophistication to anything they’re placed on and your bridal party won’t feel like you just threw together some gift to make them feel good. It’s all about thanking them with sweet, little luxuries that they’ll absolutely adore, especially ones that were literally made just for them!


  • A Comfy, Cozy Robe—If your friends are big on robes or you simply want them in something comfortable as they get ready for the wedding, you could get them a monogrammed robe. Pick matching prints so that all your ladies have a cute, shared style for the getting-ready photo shoot! Monogrammed robes are also perfect gifts for moms of the bride and groom and are a great way to make them feel included!
  • Some Personalized Jewelry—Another great gift idea is a necklace that honors her special personality or sense of style. Necklaces are timeless and add a nice touch to any outfit and can be gifted before the wedding so they can complement your bridesmaids’ dresses. If your friends like jewelry, a monogrammed necklace would be a nice gift and something they’ll surely cherish for a lifetime. Of course, you can pick styles for each member of your bridal party individually or you can get matching necklaces for the entire group as something that connects them all to your wedding day!
  • A Stylish, Monogrammed Clutch—Robes and jewelry not your thing? Looking for something a little bit more original? How about an awesome monogrammed clutch! Clutches come in handy whenever you don’t want to carry a bulky purse around and they can be paired with bridesmaids’ dresses so that your girls have an elegant way to cart around their phone, lip gloss and other staples on the big day! What we’re saying is, clutches are clutch in the wedding world. They’re cute and tiny, and a monogrammed one can add so much more to any look. This gift idea is definitely a winner.
  • Photo Frames for Housing Sweet Memories—A personalized picture frame, anyone? You and your bridal party are sure to take a massive amount of pictures on your special day, so you can give it to them without a photo so they can add one from the wedding later. It’s only right to have a cute picture frame to put one of their most memorable moments in, right? If you’d prefer to give them a frame with a photo already inside, plan to take a group photo beforehand and then present it in a lovely monogrammed picture frame the day of the wedding.
  • A Personalized Cup or Glass—If your friends love their coffee, sweet teas or power drinks, getting them a monogrammed acrylic cup is the way to go. They can use it every single day, and that’s what makes it such a great gift idea! You can pick a different color for each friend to personalize it even more. We also love customized acrylic glasses as awesome bachelorette party favors, as you know they’ll get plenty of use when you’re toasting with your pals!

At the end of the day, picking out the perfect bridesmaids’ gifts is all about making it thoughtful, original and tailored to your recipient. You also need to consider the fact that, unfortunately, you won’t have a million free hours to plan elaborate gifts while you’re in the wedding planning phase, so anything that’s easy, uniform and straightforward is an awesome option. Along with these gifts, you can write a heartfelt thank you note to each member of your bridal party and place it in a cute bag or basket for a special presentation. Little touches like this ensure that every gift you give will be well-received and cherished!

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