About Us

Why Us

We help you create your own unique wedding
Wedding is an event about you and your spouse, so make it memorable and special by choosing a theme that feels personal for you. Maybe you want a fusion of two cultures from yours and your spouse’s in your marriage? Maybe you want a luxurious wedding because you make a lot of money and aren’t ashamed in it? Maybe you want a closer-to-the-nature wedding because you are an environmentalist? Unifying your vendors to reach the same theme can be difficult unless you choose the right vendor, and Wedding Engage can help you with that.

We help you cut time in reviewing vendors
Getting to know a vendor can be time consuming. You need to find their name from someone’s recommendation or search result first, then check their website to find out their credibility, then probably check some more to see review about them from past clients in the internet. Even with that, it will be impossible for you to check all the list of vendors and probably even miss the best one. Wedding Engage will give you a platform where wedding vendors of all types showcase their business philosophy as well as past portfolio so you can cut time finding the right one, without missing a single one.

We help you to experience not only the best wedding, but also the best wedding preparation
Just like how the key of a good company is the performance of their employees, then the key for a good wedding is the performance of the team: including you and the vendors. With the right vendors, your wedding preparation won’t feel like a hassle at all. Instead, it will be an enjoyable ride of exploring idea, imagination, and possibilities. Can you have a chocolate fountain in your wedding? Can you have a firework party? Can you add games for your guest during wedding? Have fun preparing your wedding with the vendor you’ve chosen.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the number one online platform for both brides or grooms to be and wedding vendors, so they can meet each others need more efficiently.

Our mission is to provide a place where vendors can showcase their business, including their philosophy in business as well as portfolio of past works, where brides or grooms to be can easily check, review, and decide whether the vendor is the right one for them or not.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of dedicated, enthusiastic and professional individuals who is interested in seeing engaged couple make their dream wedding comes true. We are a team who believe that wedding is, and must be, special.