A new year could likely mean new trends! If you are one of the people who is getting hitched this year or just taking your first step into the wedding planning, then there are the following six trends that will contribute to your wedding program…

Ensuring You Will Wear a Dress to Die For

Among the survey results, it was found out that half of the brides are ready to rent their gowns. Wedding dress is an expensive part of the wedding as its average price in the UK is £1,300, therefore renting a dress will knock a huge chunk off your wedding bill. It may be worthwhile to look for season to buy grooms clothes as well!

Sustainable Weddings

Whether it is compostable confetti or digital weddings cards, making a wedding as natural as home is a fashionable concept in the last couple of years. Some venues will not accept fake flowers, if the wedding is on the grounds, such as dried petals or dried flower petals from potted plants. To add to that, between marrying at a place with scenery that makes any decoration unnecessary, and saving the planet one favor at a time gifting eco-friendly wedding favors like soaps or succulents, and finally growing your own wedding flowers are other ways you can make a wedding even more sustainable.

Micro Weddings

A micro wedding often fails to be more than a couple of the closest friends. Bride and groom don’t have the option for a micro-wedding, besides appreciate their financial condition, they are actively doing this for a more personal party. This will eliminate having to plan a bigger wedding party and you can reallocate the saved amount to significant components of your wedding like having more food varieties, etc.

Cast Your Vote for the 360-Degree Livestreaming Option for Who Will Not Be Able to Attend

Giving 360 degrees wedding live cast surrounds the guests with a holographic breathtaking equality ignoring the geographical boundaries. This technology makes it possible for the guests joins online to follow the wedding virtually by walking across the wedding venue remotely at this moment, and this process is full of animation through the screen. Placing numerous 360-degree cameras across the space enables viewers to swipe, turn and zoom to view the space from different angles which naturally gives the end result of a camera being present in the event venue itself. The setting of the wedding can be seen by friends and family mingling in a manner allowed by virtual way and even can surprise them by the lack of expected moments.


Plan A Destination Wedding

Getting engaged in the type of wedding that is held at another location, that is truly what is exciting and what really gives a sense of adventure. Taking vows under the beauty of nature at a place like Arizona’s mountain, Hawaii’s waterfall or in Mauritius with crystal clear water on the beach—these are the thoughts that make many couples dreamy. Set a location that resonates the biggest with you, because Mauritius offers many beautiful locations that you even might consider the unfathomable beach and tranquil ocean setting. Discover the inexplicable and spice up the sense of fun and adventure by sampling the sights that have an air of discovery; give your guests their own unforgettable journey as they travel along with you. Pep-up your wedding program with involving activities like glass bottom boat tours, kitesurf or even paddleboard. The resort of Anantara Iko Mauritius Resort & Villas is based primarily for destination weddings and planning should be as simple as possible for you.

Weekend Weddings

Others are attracted to micro weddings, yet some are choosing in favor of a big wedding operation that is spread across the whole week-end. The popularity queries on Google for ‘weekend wedding venues’ does not seem to drop significantly, showing that people still are committed to this tradition. The weekend program could include a pre-wedding or BBQ -like party, the wedding day, and a post-wedding meet-up. Therefore, getting married to the guy who you think is your childhood dream man is considered a serious step, right?!

Grazing Tables

Individuals tend to eat what they like. This has led to couples serving different food at their weddings. Pleasing all the tastes, a grazing table can look like a cart of Icing or buffets and guests have the opportunity to serve themselves when they needed to. The trend of this brings in a casual environment, where you and your partner exchange the formal dining to a more relaxed kind of ambiance.

Goodbye To Tradition

The ‘non-wedding wedding’ has hit all the headlines in 2024 wedding planning. Such ceremonies tend to portray non-conventional approach and borrow contemporary steps unlike the traditional weddings which adhere to white dress, wedding vows and the like. In this light, they have said goodbye to vintage weddings vie for personal vows, mini pizza stations etc. and welcome home drone technologies.

Key Takeaways

In the end, the fashion trends should not rule the way you will plan for your wedding and what you think that are necessary at the moment can help in your getting excited ideas. Good Luck!

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