A dream wedding is a memorable and enjoyable one that always stays on the top priority list of couples. Undeniably, wedding reception plays a vital role in making the celebration even more unforgettable. The reason is the special occasion where all the guests are eagerly looking forward to meeting a couple of an hour. Possibly, another the truth is the festival celebrations that include eating, drinking, singing, and dancing. From the guests’ perception, a wedding is the most fun event as it is composed of entertaining activities to take place at a wedding reception.

It is every couple’s dream to make their wedding special and fun-filled. A celebration of love and joy with family and friends rolls down a platform where all the guests will likely to remember as to how unique the wedding was. It is the event when food, theme, décor, and food flavors become a matter of priority for the planners to make it successful and memorable for the couple.

Therefore, if you want all of your guests to say that there is the most awesome wedding they have ever attend, then you need to plan your accordingly very carefully. You have to pay attention to the minor details, and not to mention miss any details. However, apart from the wedding celebrations, it is advisable to formulate the pre-wedding nuptial contract concerning all the assets both parties own, and in the event of separation how the assets will distribute or to save your assets. Anyways, this article sheds light on unique wedding reception idea/tips.

Selection of a Perfect Venue

Planning a wedding is no less than a monumental task that too an amazing one. It requires the selection of a perfect venue that needs thorough research regarding places. Therefore, you need to select a reception venue that is ideal for your guests in terms of enjoyment and comfort. Moreover, it is wise to do a little bit of research so that you can save some bucks as well. Besides, the venue needs to be spacious as well as easily accessible for your guests where they can and leave comfortably after enjoying to the fullest. Moreover, you can compare the rates as well as amenities of various well-known venues on the internet or with the help of friends, and then finalize the place.

Entertain the Guests with Unexpected Surprise

Who does not want to get entertained amid the wedding excitement everywhere? Moreover, just imagine that if this entertained comes with a bit of surprise, and then your guests will surely be surprised. To achieve that, you can hire a local rock band, a belly dancer, and a team of standup performers or an acrobatic expert. Remember not to reveal this plan to anyone. Besides, a good DJ is also a good crowd puller, so you can think of hiring one as well. However, one of the many entertaining ways of surprising guests is the performance of a magician that is equally appreciated by adults and kids, and in this way, they can also become part of the show.

Handout awesome wedding favors

Giving out wedding favors to your guests is a great way to remind them how important they are for you. However, you can give a long list of favors to your guests, for example, candies for kids, personalized glass mugs, key chains, and customized shirts for your friends. Furthermore, you also need to express your gratitude to your friends and family that have been with you throughout the preparations. It cannot get better for your close friends and family than to head home with a delicious bottle of wine.

Plan engaging party games

At the end of the day, your wedding reception will reminisce in terms of enjoyment it provides to its guest. Therefore, to give a good time to all your invitees, you may include some interesting and engaging party games. Such activities will give your guests a nice opportunity to interact with each other. Because of such activities, the kids will keep busy so that their parents can enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Moreover, you can incorporate a wide variety of games on this occasion starting from kid-friendly mazes to connect the dots to word-finder puzzles to musical chairs and garter toss. Furthermore, you can also include sack races and the shoe game

Serve a delectable food

No doubt that a well-fed guest is the happiest guest, therefore, tries to make them feel at home. All you need to do is to roll out a menu that they have been craving for. Starting from presentation to the taste as well as fragrance, you need to mark a lasting impression on them. However, you can start delighting your guests with some surprising appetizers such as cocktails or with a signature drink. Now comes the main course that needs to be selected in such a way that most of your guests will like it. Besides, you can include grilled or roasted chicken, burgers coupled with single cheese meatball, personal pizzas, and lamb and pistachio ham-sticks. Also, grilled cheese with tomato soup, and so on. Remember, not to forget to arrange a delicious treat of desserts.

Make sure your feet are comfortable

Undeniably, every bride wants to have stunning shoes on the wedding day. Usually, the most stunning shoes have a three-inch heel or straps or a skinny toe. Although, it looks great for the ceremony and beautiful in photographs, yet they do not do well on the dance floor. Therefore, make sure to bring some flat shoes, sneakers, or flip-flops to give your feet a break. Alternatively, the least, it is advisable to buy comfortable heels that allow you to enjoy your wedding reception, and let you dance comfortably.

Do not overspend

Nothing is more heart wrenching than watching your wedding day unfold knowing that you are in staggering debt because of it. Therefore, plan your wedding carefully and spend wisely to enjoy the most without tension.

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