In almost every wedding, the dress is the most items to be spotted. Remember when Kate Middleton’s classic long-sleeved dressed become an icon of contemporary classic dress. If we look around, wedding dress has caught the biggest attention among all wedding preparation.

We all hope that we will only married once, so it is pretty important to provides the best for it. Wedding dress is a statement which makes a bride looks like a queen in her happiest day.

The latest bridal fashion week showed several haute-couture wedding dress you can refer to. Just for your information, 2017 wedding dress theme will be dominated with off-shoulders. But if you are not really into it, there are plenty other choices. Laces and floral themes are still dominating.

Vintage wedding dress is well-suited for conventional type of brides. If you like simplicity, just pick that minimalist silky wedding dress. There are seemingly more sleeve choices for wedding dress in the next season’s trend, from casual sleeves until bishop sleeves, you can select the one which becoming your favorite.

Some designers like Sachin & Babi, Maggie Sotterom Rime Arodaky, Marchesa, Reem Acra, Savannah Miller, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, and others presented their brand new bridal collection. Sachin & Babi created bohemian style dress dominated by ruffled wedding dresses.

They are suitable for willowy brides and they can make their movement so elegant.This type of dress is also great for beach theme wedding.

Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera presented cascading ruffles and tiered skirts for modern look. It is best for you who likes simplicity and elegance. You can also adopt feather shouldered dress like those in Pronovias and Mira Zwillinger’s collection.

To sum up, here are some suggestions for you to decide what wedding dress you choose. Some of them may seem unusual for conventional wedding style. However, if you want something different to your wedding, they can be alternative. Note that it is important to consider your body shape and the theme of your wedding before choosing wedding dress.

  1. Graphic Lace Wedding Dress: Graphic lace is the modern style of lace with minimalist touch. It doesn’t lose its feminine side. Moreover, graphic laced wedding dresses are great for skinny brides. If you have volume body, it is better to avoid this kind of dress. Graphic laced dress will make you look fresher and stylist, contemporary-looking bride.
  2. Soft Ombre Wedding Dress: If you want some variation for wedding dress color, then ombre style can be your choice. Its soft and graceful color gradation will makes you the most beautiful bride in the world. Imagine that you walking down the aisle with that angelic dress ever been. You can modify the dress after wearing it for wedding. With a little touch, it can be a cocktail party dress. Blue, pink, grey, and off-white shades are among color choices.
  3. Bold Lattice: Another multi-functioned wedding dress is the one with lattice. This is an eccentric dress for you freedom lovers. The design is best suited for simple and strong persona. You can choose the trendy necklines and classic sleeves. Like ombre dress, you can modify it into cocktail dress or casual clothing for hangouts.
  4. Futuristic Column Wedding Dress: It’s very suitable for you who love simplicity. The design is classic yet not monotonous. It is pretty unique for modern wedding style. You can also modify the color into pink, green, olive, or peach. For you who have ideal shaped body, futuristic style is a great choice. Combine it with minimalist hairdo like simple bun or fishtail.
  5. Versatile embroidery: This kind of dress is great for you who have considerably volume body shape. The dramatic embroidery around the dress will function as camouflage of some “big” areas of your body. The style is also good for tall and athletic woman. It is not recommended for petite woman to wear this rich embroidery dress. It will make you look tinier and this kind of dress is usually rather heavy. Floral embroidery makes gives feminine touch. Top it with floral accessories as well or classic braids.
  6. Wedding Dress with Beautiful Fringe: The concept of this kind of dress is simple. The designers simply put some fringe accent to some areas of the dress. This is great for short woman, just make sure that it has vertical accent. It will make the bride look taller. Usually, there are sequins, simple ruffles, and crystals on the fringe. It looks glamorous yet elegant.
  7. Colored Wedding Dress: White shades are not the only choice for wedding dress color. If you dare enough, fuchsia, gold, blue, navy, green, red, and even black can be your option for wedding dress. The design is usually classic; it’s just the color which is different. If you want to play safe, you can opt soft colors like light blue, peach, cream, or light grey. Make sure that you apply suitable make up to match your costume.
  8. Cropped top wedding dress: This sassy and sexy wedding dress is suitable for bold women. If you dare enough to wear such a minimalist dress, then cropped top wedding dress is an option. It is also well suited for petite women. The color is not limited to white, but others like soft pink or crème. You can mix and match it or attach glittery brooch on the dress. Match it with classic make up and hairdo.
  9. Lace Wedding Rompers: Another attractive and eccentric wedding dress style is lace wedding rompers. It is great for you who always look for uniqueness and modern look. It’s fashionable and classic which makes you the center of attraction.
  10. Contemporary Ball Gown: If you want to look like in fairy tale yet in modern touch, contemporary ball gown may be an option. The gown has clean and sleek design, very suitable for modern women. The concept is button-down shirt with collar with bold belt as the accessories. Gown-style wedding dress like this is great with minimalist make ups.
  11. Asymmetric Hemline: This high-and-low design is another option for petite women and women with slender legs to show. It has short hemline in the front and longer one on the back side which makes you outstanding. The unique design is suitable for non-convetional type of brides. Now you can show off your million-dollar shoes to the world. Asymmetric hemline also makes you easier to move.
  12. Wedding Pantsuit: Boyish brides must love this idea. This ultra modern looking dress is great for contemporary wedding. To give more feminine touch, you can ask your designer to put some floral embroidery or brooch. Don’t forget to wear feminine high heels as well. This wedding dress is good for tall women.That’s all some inspiration for trendy, modern, and contemporary wedding dress.

Good luck for your wedding!**

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