Old, new and borrowed aren’t a problem. But what do you for your something blue for your wedding day? There are many subtle and different ways to incorporate something blue to help make you feel extra charmed on your big day.

Sources of Blue

Stylish and unique options can be found using natural materials such as aquamarine, tourmaline and sapphire. Blue lace, silk or satin feel great as lucky garters or undergarments or as embellishments for your dress. There are many blue flowers available, and blue accessories, make-up or handbags are in abundance.

Let’s take a look at some of the diverse options for something blue you can have with you on your wedding day.

  1. Blue Nails or Blue Make-up Holders
    A subtle blue pattern or blue colored nail polish can accent the right look in a very stylish way. If your make-up or styling doesn’t suit blue, what about a blue compact or lipstick case to keep in your purse for those essential interim touchups?
  2. Blue Monograms
    Monograms are elegantly designed initials added to fabric or objects. Monograms can be applied to just about anything, from handkerchiefs to dress labels, shoes, a purse or even undergarments. Blue stylized and dated monograms can add a special touch to your memories and wedding accessories. You might even consider monogramming both of your initials in a matching temporary blue tattoo.
  3. Blue Shoe Clips
    A subtle jeweled shoe clip can add an impressive accent to your heels. Shoe clips can be attached to straps or edges to add some dazzle to plain shoes, making them look really unique. Shoe clips can be purchased ready made but are simple to make yourself to fit better with a theme.
  4. Blue Jewelry
    Jewelry featuring blue need not be limited to the traditional earrings, bracelets or necklaces. An attractive armband or anklet can add to your look. Chokers or pendants are great options as well. For a sentimental element, you or someone close to you can make your own wedding jewelry with blue beads for your special day.
  5. Blue Bows and Ribbons
    Blue bows or ribbons can add an attractive feature to hair, bouquets, stockings and undergarments, veils or your dress. A ribbon or bow can add a subtle hint on the edge of a garment or act as the central sash.
  6. A Colorful Dress Featuring Blue
    Who says we need to wear white? Why do we insist on being traditional for tradition’s sake? Many top-rated wedding dresses incorporate a range of colors. In the age of originality, a different colored gown can be absolutely stunning.
    You needn’t choose blue specifically. A multi-colored pattern that features blue or a mix of colors including blue can be jaw-dropping. A colorful dress may lend itself to a blue purse to match. A color change makes a refreshing and stylish statement in modern weddings and makes it very easy to weave blue accessories into the look.
  7. Blue Gemstones
    Sapphire gemstones immediately springs to mind, but it is only one of a range of amazing blue colors occurring in nature. Blue chalcedony has a mystic deep aqua color. Lapis Lazuli is a very dark soothing blue that provides stunning contrast in accessories either alone or when surrounded by silver and other jewels. Topaz and turquoise are well known, but there is also kyanite and larimar. Hemimorphite offers a bright sky blue, as does apatite. Some labradorite settings have beautiful subtle shades of blue. Gemstones are available in multiple wedding accessories, including jewelry, broaches, headpieces and more.
  8. Blue Undergarments
    Instead of the traditional blue garter, why not try a beautiful blue undergarment, a blue teddy or blue panties. A blue undergarment makes a fun surprise for your betrothed. If blue underwear is not your thing, you can explore stockings with subtle blue hints or bows found in many bridal or specialty shops.
  9. A Beautiful Blue Bouquet
    There are many beautiful blue flowers available to add to your bouquet. Hydrangeas are available in shades of dark and light blue, and bluebells look and smell great, as does blue jasmine. Blue hyacinths and irises are pretty, and forget-me-nots make a dainty addition for accents.
    Delphiniums provide a deep shade of blue, and aster makes a very bright blue addition. With cross breading today, of course, you can also easily have a beautiful shade of blue in all the traditional favorites such as roses, daisies, lilies, orchids and tulips.
    Blue boutonnieres — blue flowers in a small bouquet made for buttonholes — can look great on men and women. Blue flowers can also make great additions to a veil or crown.
  10. Blue Hair Accessories
    Blue beaded or jeweled bobby pins can look stunning and subtly complement most hairstyles, holding everything perfectly in place for the day. For different styles of hair, blue beaded gemstone clasps, French combs, barrettes or hair bands all can look equally stylish with decorative blue effects, depending on your style choices. If you want to go way out there, you could even try a sapphire jeweled tiara.
  11. Blue Floral Print Accents and Accessories
    A floral print incorporating subtle blues creates a beautiful touch to your wedding outfit. Floral prints may be featured as an accessory — like a scarf, shawl or hair tie — or as part of your dress. Floral print gloves are stylish in cold weather, as are floral stockings.
  12. Blue Shoe Stickers
    Shoe stickers can add accents to shoes or create a blue addition to the soles. Blue initials and dates can help your wedding shoes look so much more special. Blue “I do” stickers are also a fun addition to shoes or shoe soles.
  13. Blue Handkerchiefs
    Because no matter what happens, it’s so important to have a handkerchief in your purse, why not make it blue? A totally blue handkerchief, a floral print with blue or a blue monogram — whichever you choose — will all remind you how happy and charmed you are as you wipe your eyes, fingers or makeup if it runs from your tears of joy.
  14. Blue Ring Boxes
    An attractive blue ring box can be a great way to exchange vows and a perfect case for keeping other rings later. Individually crafted blue ring boxes are the perfect way to keep your rings safe and show them off dramatically during your vows.
  15. Seldom Thought About Blue Accessories
    If the big event is planned for the hot season, a blue fan will make a fashionable and functional accessory. Blue sunglasses will also help in the hot season. Blue gloves, scarf or a blue overcoat will suit the cold weather. A blue umbrella will work wonders for the dreaded wet wedding day and functions well as a parasol for sunny weather.

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