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Wedding Invitation Trends & Inspiration

Rose pattern floral texture

Introduction: Wedding, a day when two people vow to be with each other for the rest of their lives. It is indeed one of the most special days for a couple. Therefore, they try to make the most out of it. Wedding day moments and memories are cherished by people throughout their marital journey regardless of how many years have …

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Engagement Ring Ideas

Breast of young bride dressed in wedding dress with engagement ring in hands with diamond

Engagement means one step closer to marriage. It is the first formal tie for your relationship. This important event can’t be separated with one object that symbolizes this tie: the engagement ring. It will be one of the most sacred item you ever own. Later you will show this ring to your children as you tell them how their father …

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Groom Preparation for Wedding


So, are you one of the happiest men on earth because you’re going to have your wedding sometime soon? If you are, let me offer you my congratulation. However, at the same time I want to offer you my sympathy, because a groom-to-be, while he is the happiest man, probably he is also the most stressed man. Preparing a wedding …

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7 Benefits to Renewing Your Vows


Considering a vow-renewal ceremony? Whether it’s been 10 years or 50, it’s a reason to celebrate, we think. Back then, when you first tied the knot, things were so much different. Your tastes, your family, your marriage as a whole—they’ve all grown a lot. With a re commitment ceremony, you get the chance to stand up in front of everyone …

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Eye-Catching Wedding Color Combos for Your Fall Wedding


If you want to make your wedding stand out, choosing a unique color palette is a great place to start. Autumn is the perfect season for experimenting with different colors, and there are all sorts of combos that are eye-catching, sophisticated and appropriate for fall weddings. While foliage-inspired shades of orange, red and yellow are the most common options for …

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Dance Floor Hire and other things you need for your wedding marquee


With all of the work that goes into arranging your wedding, it’s no wonder that some things end up being overlooked; after all, you have to arrange absolutely everything: the dress, the venue, the catering and so on. With this guide, ‘dance floor hire and other things you need for your wedding marquee’, you can make sure that you have …

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