Engagement means one step closer to marriage. It is the first formal tie for your relationship. This important event can’t be separated with one object that symbolizes this tie: the engagement ring. It will be one of the most sacred item you ever own. Later you will show this ring to your children as you tell them how their father and mother get together. Way later, you may even let your children use the same ring for their marriage.

Because engagement ring plays such important role, you’ll want to make it special. There are engagement ring ideas styles. Here are some of our best selections of unique ideas for engagement rings.

Non Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas

Who says engagement ring has to be made of yellow gold with diamond center stone? Nontraditional engagement rings are getting more popular these days. Brides and grooms are more creative this time of the days and they want their tie to be symbolized. Look at our non traditional engagement ring ideas below.

1. Black diamond engagement ring ideas

Diamond doesn’t have to be white. Maybe you and your bride or groom doesn’t like white and prefer black. If it’s the case, this black diamond ring is perfect for you. The big black diamond as the center stone will make every pair of eyes interested. Rose gold as the metal makes a perfect blend of color with the diamond. This design is by PointNoPointStudio via Etsy.

2. Raw-cut emerald engagement ring

Instead of the polished and cushion-cut diamond for the center stone, this ring uses emerald with rough cut. The popping green of the emerald makes this ring a strong statement for your big day. The yellow gold as the metal material complements the green prettily. This ring is perfect for middle-ages themed wedding, or if you and your partner simply love to be non-traditional.

3. Fossilized dinosaur bone

Diamond is impressive, but not as impressive as fossilized dinosaur bones. Yes, this pretty center stone of this ring is apparently made from fossilized dinosaur bone! Now, that’s what we should call non-traditional engagement ring ideas. This ring will make you and your partner feel absolutely special.

Gold Engagement Ring Ideas

Golden wedding rings in realistic style

Gold never ages. It is still the number one material for engagement ring. The reason is because gold is durable and widely available. It is cheaper than platinum and far stronger than silver. Other metal that has the same quality as silver, gold and platinum are usually hard to find.

These days, gold also comes in three variants of color: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. They are made by mixing gold with colored metal that create the pretty shade of color. This technology gives different feeling for each choice. Take a look at our gold engagement ring ideas below.

1. Moissante Rose God Engagement Ring Ideas

The soft rose color of the metal with a detail on the top, leads to a cushion cut moissante as a center stone. This simple design is timeless and stunning. You can get this design from popRing via Etsy.

2. Two Tone Engagement Ring

Why choose white or yellow gold when you can have both? This gorgeous two tone gold engagement ring features both white and yellow gold that swirls to hold the diamond center stone on the top. Get this from Barkev’s.

3. Opal stone in white gold engagement ring

Instead of the clear white from diamond, the colorful reflection from the opal as the centerpiece complement the white gold that form the band perfectly. Ornamental details are also present surrounding the center stone. Get this stunning gold engagement ring from Nicer Jewelry.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Blooming flowers with engagement rings

Vintage is the new new. People use the word vintage to refer to something that is at least 50 years old but not yet 100 years old. In fashion, this term often refers to fashion item that is produced between 1920s to 20 years before today.
Whether you buy authentic vintage engagement rings or buy a reproduction based on vintage style, it doesn’t matter. Pinterest has a vast collection for vintage engagement rings idea. Check our favorites below.

1. Art-Deco Inspired Pinterest Vintage Engagement Ring Idea

This art-deco style engagement ring is characterized by its different design. With diamond as its center stone and surrounded by smaller ones in halo design, this ring sure is an eyecatcher. You can get this via Etsy for $ 5,800.00

2. Three-Stone Pinterest Vintage Engagement Ring

Three stone is another popular style in the late 1800s until early 1900s. It is characterized by three stones or jewel, positioned in line. The jewel or stone can be diamond, pearl or any jewel of your choice. You can get this particular design via Etsy for $2,190.00

3. Edwardian Sapphire Pinterest Vintage Engagement Ring

This collection from Erstwhile Jewelry is an antique Edwardian ring made with halo style, where blue sapphire made as the center of the attention, surrounded by two rows of diamonds. You can get this ring for $ 4,600.00.

Engagement Ring Ideas on A Budget

Gold wedding rings 6 realistic isolated sets

Young couple often find themselves living on a budget. This is the time of their life where their career has not yet bloom. But, love doesn’t have to wait for career, as long as you are smart enough to find what you are looking for.
Here are some tips to purchase engagement ring that won’t make you bankrupt after the happy event.

1. Choose 14 karat gold

There are two choices for gold: 14K and 18K. This shows how pure the gold is, with 18K contains more gold than the 14K one. 14K is cheaper, but it is still desirable.

2. Choose white gold or palladium

White gold is made from a mix of gold and a kind of white metal, usually palladium, manganese or nickel. Also, while the golden color of gold is majestic, white gold can evokes an impression of purity that may suit your white wedding even better. Palladium is far cheaper than even white gold, and an excellent choice for hypoallergenic reason.

3. It doesn’t have to be diamond

Although it depends on the quality, diamond is typically the most expensive jewel in the market. The beauty of diamond is indeed stunning, but so does other gemstones that people tend to overlook when they’re choosing an engagement ring.

Gemstone like amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald and so on can be as beautiful as diamond, and in fact its characteristic color can even give a different impression that suits your bride or groom better.

So, have you found any engagement ring ideas from the list above? Or do you imagine a very different idea in your head? Tell us about your dream engagement ring!

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