Despite the fact that there are several celebration spaces that have made you fall in love with their style, their decoration or their gardens, you haven’t just decided. Do you need help?

Before opting for one option or another, you should take into account what questions you should ask to hire an event hall, as they will be of great help when deciding. Jalsa Lawn has shared some questions discover them below.

1. Do you have “our” date free?

Among the different questions for weddings, this is the first one you should ask. Why? Because if they do not have availability for the day you have chosen, you can now directly rule out the place. Remember that in most places specializing in wedding banquets, reservations must be made at least three months in advance.

2. What are your prices, payment methods and cancellation policies?

Although talking about money is never pleasant, the truth is that the price of the wedding banquet is a decisive factor. First of all, don’t be left with any doubts about the packages: what they offer, what the different menus include, how much each one costs…

And also clarify the form of payment. If you want to know how to pay for a wedding reception, find out if you have to pay the amount before or after the wedding day, if you have to leave a deposit and how much it is, if you have to pay any kind of penalty at the last minute if a guest fails… Do not leave anything in the inkwell!

Also, check their cancellation policy in case there were problems before the wedding and you had to cancel the wedding reception or delay the date of the wedding. And, of course, ask what would happen if it is the space that decides not to celebrate lunch or dinner for various reasons. It generally doesn’t happen, however, you must be prepared for any future trouble.

3. Will we all fit?

Weddings are usually events in which many people gather, so one of the concerns of many couples is to verify that their guests have room in the chosen space and that they can move comfortably and without restrictions. Make sure, then, that there is plenty of room for family and friends who are going to share that day with you. And don’t forget this maxim: “it’s better to have plenty of places than not to miss them”.

4. What kind of food do you serve at the banquet?

Traditional, international, signature, fusion … Ask about their type of cuisine and verify that all the delicacies they prepare are to your liking. And don’t hesitate to ask if they have special wedding banquet menus in case one of your loved ones is celeriac, diabetic, hypertensive, vegetarian, or vegan.

In the same way, check that they have special dishes so that the youngest guests at the link do not leave anything out. A wedding invitation is something unique, so it has to be perfect from start to finish.

Also, confirm that the price per guest includes the wedding cake and the flavor and presentation options you have in this regard. And make sure that, if you wish, you can bring your own wedding cake and if this supposes some type of surcharge in the final budget.

5. Is the venue prepared?

Check if the space is acclimatized for both a hot and cold day. In the same way, what happens if you have planned the aperitif and the outdoor wedding banquet and it rains that day? Ask if they have any plan B in case the weather is bad, such as a covered terrace, a tent for exceptional cases, an indoor wedding hall …
Another important aspect is knowing if the place is adapted for people with reduced mobility: easy access, ramps, toilets, etc. You have to make sure that all the guests at the wedding banquet will be comfortable and will enjoy that special day in your lives as much as you do.

6. How big are the tables? How do you usually dress them?

Although it may seem like a silly question, it is not if you take into account that one of the most complicated tasks when organizing a wedding is deciding how to seat all the guests. For this reason, as important as knowing the location and distribution of the tables is knowing their capacity.

Also ask how the table linens, crockery, glassware and cutlery that the space has, and what centerpieces they usually put on. Are you not convinced? Perhaps you can order the decoration of the wedding banquet from an external company. Talk it over with them and don’t be left with any doubts.

Also, ask who will be in charge of the songs for the wedding banquet and the music during the final party. Perhaps the space includes a musical group or DJ in one of its packages. And if you are interested, ask if you can hire it on your own.

7. Do you have a parking space?

Depending on the location of the chosen place, you will have to ask a series of practical questions so as not to leave any end unconnected. For example, ask if they have parking so that guests who want to bring their car can park it there and if this involves any extra costs. And make sure that all the cars that your loved ones want to take can fit! It is something that many couples overlook and the big day can lead to more than one unpleasant surprise.

8. Are there any other weddings held on the same day?

Although this a prior does not have to be a problem, it is worth finding out if the day you have chosen for your wedding has also been selected by another couple and the two of you have decided to celebrate it in the same place.

If so, ask what spaces you could have and what degree of privacy they guarantee you for the party. And do not forget to find out if each link has its own shared bathrooms. Can you imagine the guests queuing for services on such an important day?

9. Who will be your right hand?

It is important to know who will be the person in charge of the big day since you will have to be in contact with them to organize and prepare everything: the layout of the tables, the color of the linens, any special dietary needs. Also, the day of the celebration will be the one that sets the guidelines for the development of the banquet and the one who is in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly.

10. What additional services do you include?

Many celebration spaces put at your disposal a series of optional services to facilitate the task of organizing such an important day: professional photographer, officiant of ceremonies in case you want yours to be a civil wedding, caregivers and entertainers for children, etc. Ask about all of them and check their prices well because you may be interested in hiring one of them.

Even if you have any doubts at the outset, indeed by asking these questions before hiring the wedding banquet, it will be easier for you to see which space is best suited to your wishes and needs, which will be very useful when choosing the ideal place for your magical wedding date. Then, indeed your big day will be… unique!

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