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2024 Wedding Trends: Your Ultimate Guide to a Trendsetting Celebration


The new year marks new beginnings for many people. Some have made resolutions to improve their lifestyles, some have bought new homes, and others are just now starting to share a life with a significant other. If you are beginning a new life together as a couple in 2024 and plan to have a big and magnificent wedding, you may …

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Top 10 Weirdest Weddings Traditions From Around The World


Whilst you are changing out of your luxury streetwear into your wedding finery why not indulge yourself in the weirdest wedding traditions to calm your nerves? Kissing Tradition (Sweden) During Swedish weddings, if the groom leaves the room all of the male guests that attended the wedding are allowed to kiss the bride. It doesn’t stop there either, if the …

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Snowy Splendor: Home Preparation for a Winter Wedding


Winter weddings are majestic and many couples dream about tying the knot during the snowy and magical season. However, preparing a home for a winter wedding comes with its challenges due to the colder weather. These challenges are worth the hustle because winter weddings stand out as they are less common than those held in the spring or summer. This …

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5 Little Changes That Could Make a Massive Difference in Your Wedding


Weddings are memorable, beautiful, and sometimes stressful events. There are so many directions a couple can go in when they’re trying to plan the perfect day. When everything is said and done, it’s usually the little things that folks walk away with. How lovely the live band was for cocktail hour, those childhood photos of the happy couple as a …

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Wedding Trends to Follow to Stand Beyond Norms


Wedding is something special to everyone. Couples are always excited to plan their wedding differently. Couples are no longer pleased with cookie-cutter weddings that adhere to a predetermined pattern. They would rather have their wedding reflect their personality, passions, and love story. This transition has given rise to a plethora of inventive and innovative wedding ideas that redefine what a …

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