10 Fun Ideas You May Want To Try Out On Your Wedding Day

10 Fun Ideas You May Want To Try Out On Your Wedding Day

Are you searching for fun ideas to try out on your upcoming big day? This is your special day, and it should make a difference. Having fun is your highest priority. Your family and friends take time off their schedule to celebrate you for good reasons. Not to forget the diamond wedding ring that would forever be on your finger as you say your vows.

We understand that planning for this day is hectic. This does not suggest that pleasure should take a back seat. Consider these suggestions on your wedding day to have fun and wow the guests in the process.

Happy wedding couple

1. Define fun in your way
Make it fun by playing a wedding game. This is an excellent way to share more about the relationship you have with your guests. The shoe game is the most popular one. Where the bride and groom take their shoes off, and each of them gets one. Be unique and incorporate games on your big day. You can use board gamed as centerpieces or have lawn games for outdoor receptions. It will keep everyone entertained all night long.

2. Do what makes you happy
Try going to something more relaxed if you want to be a little more enjoyable and free. Who said a wedding is all about suits and long dresses. The groom can ditch his suit coat and get a simple casual outfit, and the bride can change into a shorter dress for dancing and fun.

3. Dance the day away
Dance like no one is watching. Do not stress yourself about who is looking at you while dancing. Wave your hands, jump into the air, and have a worry-free moment. You can always plan to do something different if you are worried about the first dance. Ask your family members or close friends to join you on stage for a fast, upbeat song and show everyone what a good time this is going to be.

4. Customize your wine
To catch your joyous opportunity in the bottle, make your own custom blended wine with custom made labels. By arranging a private blending session with a winemaker, this can be achieved. To your tabletop, it gives a special touch and charm. Make sure the labels match the theme and color of your marriage, as well as your personality and interests.

5. Tap into different wedding dance traditions
Have a dance for the community that is a favorite. From the dollar dance where the guests pay to dance with the bride or groom, the ethnic jigs, waltz, foxtrot, and tarantella offer a distinctive flavor to a group. Integrate your personality into the gestures of dance and combine several different types of dance while dancing.

6. Incorporate a ring warming ceremony
This is where you include your family and loved ones and encourage them to give your new marriage, their blessings, prayers, and warm thoughts. You may also include young kids and encourage them to touch your diamond wedding ring to show their support in your marriage.

7. Hire a comic master of ceremony to compliment your day
For entertaining your guests during the wedding, an MC with humor is perfect. One who’s going to crack jokes that they’re all left with their ribs. All kinds of butterflies are usually felt at the ceremony. The ceremonial comedian master will help you relax your nerves and have a complimentary session. Laughs are, as they claim, the most outstanding treatment.

8. Show guests hospitality with creative wedding favors
Gift your guest with favors that reflect your style and theme with a little piece of your day. Why not be your guest’s tour guide to where they can sit if you enjoy traveling. Give others a compass so they don’t lose their way. Set up a little treasure hunt for guests to do too.

9. Frame the scenery
Inject a bold pop of color into your wedding decor with a wooden chuppah showcasing vibrant, in-season flowers. This structure is simple to repurpose at the reception. It can be broken down into different floral arrangements or kept intact and used to frame the sweetheart table or cake.

10. Stay among the crowd
Sit around those people who make you feel relaxed. It is not the moment to hang out with a sour-faced aunt or critical friend on your wedding day. Staying around those you can whisper a joke makes you smile. Have a few private moments with your groom. This can recharge your energy and soothe your frazzled nerves.

It is your wedding day and not an interview. So, feel free and relax. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and chaos of the day. Allow yourself some alone time with your thoughts. Take a bright look at your diamond wedding ring, feel it enjoy it, and, most of all, be grateful for it. It is a sign of commitment. That will always remind you of the love that brought you together.

Wedding Invitation Trends & Inspiration

Wedding Invitation Trends & Inspiration


Wedding, a day when two people vow to be with each other for the rest of their lives. It is indeed one of the most special days for a couple. Therefore, they try to make the most out of it. Wedding day moments and memories are cherished by people throughout their marital journey regardless of how many years have passed or how many children they have made. Little moments spent together on that one special day are all that matters.

What makes a wedding special?

All brides and grooms wish to make this special day a memorable one. The struggle to make this happen involves a lot of tiny components that are to look over, first and foremost is the wedding theme. A wedding theme makes it easy for a couple to proceed with further choices. Choosing a theme is one of the most stressful jobs. After the theme, comes the venue, the food, the decoration, wedding invites, Special day dresses, etc. All these things together make a wedding day remarkable.

Why is it important to have a wedding theme?

Your wedding theme helps you make decisions. It is important because it lays the foundation of how all the other things would be like, at the wedding. From decoration details to the color of your wedding invites, from venues to honeymoon destinations, from food to all the other tiny details. These are chosen based on the theme of the wedding. All of these coordinated components come together on the event day, and together they define who you are.

How to select a wedding theme?

It is not always necessary to have an extraordinary wedding. A theme can be simple and sober too. It should just be the representation of your vision and style.

When planning your stylish wedding, consult wedding planners/event designers. Walk them through your wedding vision, make them understand what you exactly want, and let them do their magic. Theme selection gives you a kick start and makes it easy for you to handle the mountain of decisions regarding all the other details.

The Most Important Element; Wedding Invites:

After you have found your perfect wedding theme, the next step in line is the selection of your wedding invites. A wedding invitation gives the first impression of how your wedding would be like. Color-coordinated, stylish yet subtle wedding invites make the guest guess the theme of the wedding. Therefore, Invitation selection well-coordinated with the theme is another crucial step. Its main purpose is to inform your guests where and when you are getting married.

Wedding invitations set the tone:

Rose pattern floral texture

Designing a wedding invite requires a lot of thought process and some extra effort. Some people do not pay much attention to this step. According to them, wedding invites are a waste of money. But, in reality, they set the tone of the event. It is not necessary to spend a big amount just on invitation letters for your big day. You can go a little lighter with this step.

Wedding Planners:

Wedding planners, the people who make your dream a reality on your big day. From wedding invitations to all the decorations, they take care of all the hassle. Keeping in mind the current trends, they come up with lots of ideas and suggestions to make it easier for you to choose your theme.

Particularly for wedding invitations, the following are the hot latest trends that would match the theme of your event and make your guests understand what to expect on the wedding day.

Hot wedding invitation trends and inspirations:

1. Marble Invitation Cards:
The old gray and white swirls of color which would resemble the actual marble stones are now being replaced by colorful tie-dye patterns. Original marble stone detailing has always been loved by people, but now they have started to personalize these patterns according to the color theme of the event. Marble stone symbolizes serenity and would perfectly go with any subtle wedding theme.

2. Geometric Invitation Cards:
They comprise a collection of basic shapes in different colors with any suitable graphics that work well together. Geometric patterns are the most common and lovable designs of all time. They come with unlimited options to choose from. Not every geometric design has to be complex, sometimes simple shapes with freely flowing lines also complement each other and might spice up the look of your invitation card. Hence, these kinds of designs are best suited for a pattern-loving couple.

3. Calligraphy Invitation Cards:
Calligraphy gives your invitation card a more realistic look. That machine made writing which looks much closer to a purely hand-written one, looks beautiful and gives a flawless finish to any invitation card. The beauty of calligraphy makes a person forget those floral motifs and geometrical patterns because calligraphy, itself, is unique and pure. Today, modern hands are trying out new ways of doing calligraphy and designing some incredible forms of writing.

4. Metallic Invitation Cards:
One of the soberest versions of invitation cards include the use of simple plain metallic colors. It brings a modern, soft vibe to your card. They are best to go with an antique, old-fashioned wedding theme.

5. Laser-cut Invitation Cards:
The customized machine cuts to achieve a pattern-based design is the newest trend. Laser-cut cards focus on the tiniest details making it all look perfectly aligned. They are well suited for any kind of wedding theme.

6. Watercolor Invitation Cards:
Softer versions of cuts, curves, and colors give an invitation card a very minimalistic look. When done with pastels to match the overall theme of the wedding, it gives a romantic touch to the invitation card. Bright hues can also be added to give a bold vibe. It all depends on how you would want it to be.

7. Velvet Invitation Cards:
Velvet is a three-dimensionally designed fabric that goes well with bold hues. The tones of colors and the silkiness of the fabric gives a fancier touch to the wedding invite. It is perfectly suitable for a couple who would want a decent romantic feel which would suit the overall theme of the wedding.

8. Floral Invitation Cards:
A traditional way of doing wedding themes is by adding a touch of floral patterns. Flowers add a sophisticated, trendy look depending upon how they are used. Floral artwork can be fun to play with. Designers have been adding some modern touches to floral invitation cards to make them look more appealing.

9. Boxed Invitation Cards:
If you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on your invitation cards for your glamorous wedding theme, boxed invitation cards are a perfect choice. They give a fancy touch to your wedding, and this little touch would wow your guests. This not so pocket-friendly trend is common among people who prefer extravagant weddings.

10. Non-paper Invitation Cards:
It is one of the most popular trends which would continue for the next couple of years. The use of alternative materials instead of actual paper to design your invitation card makes a great impact on the guests. This idea might go out of your wedding budget but would also look aesthetically pleasing. If you have a tropical theme, then palm leaves would be the best alternative to emboss your invite on. If you have opted for an old rustic wedding theme, your invite can be printed on a piece of cloth. Hence, any material can be used to print the invite on if it complements your wedding theme.

When and where to order invitation cards?

Digital printing companies in Dubai are doing a great job of getting this task done at a reasonable price with top-notch quality.

The best time to order invitation cards is two to three months before the wedding date. This gives you more time to recheck them or make changes if required.


A wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. They plan for this one big day with all the enthusiasm and want it to be perfect. Couples invest their time and money in choosing the wedding theme, which is primarily the first major decision they make as partners.

A wedding theme is supposed to reflect your personality. It defines your style. It is important because it would make an impression in the mind of your guests, and they would remember it even after years.

Theme selection is followed by invitation card selection which is an essential step too. A wedding invite complements the overall wedding aesthetic. It includes all the relevant information about your big day, including date, day, time, dress code, etc. Several wedding invitation trends are popular these days, and all of them can be customized to go with the theme of your event. You can do all this on your own or hire some professional wedding planners to elevate the bar. This can be done very easily even if you are on a budget. All you need to do is to make plans, hire the professionals and let them do the job.

Engagement Ring Ideas

Engagement Ring Ideas

Engagement means one step closer to marriage. It is the first formal tie for your relationship. This important event can’t be separated with one object that symbolizes this tie: the engagement ring. It will be one of the most sacred item you ever own. Later you will show this ring to your children as you tell them how their father and mother get together. Way later, you may even let your children use the same ring for their marriage.

Because engagement ring plays such important role, you’ll want to make it special. There are engagement ring ideas styles. Here are some of our best selections of unique ideas for engagement rings.

Non Traditional Engagement Ring Ideas

Breast of young bride dressed in wedding dress with engagement ring in hands with diamond

Who says engagement ring has to be made of yellow gold with diamond center stone? Nontraditional engagement rings are getting more popular these days. Brides and grooms are more creative this time of the days and they want their tie to be symbolized. Look at our non traditional engagement ring ideas below.

1. Black diamond engagement ring ideas

Diamond doesn’t have to be white. Maybe you and your bride or groom doesn’t like white and prefer black. If it’s the case, this black diamond ring is perfect for you. The big black diamond as the center stone will make every pair of eyes interested. Rose gold as the metal makes a perfect blend of color with the diamond. This design is by PointNoPointStudio via Etsy.

2. Raw-cut emerald engagement ring

Instead of the polished and cushion-cut diamond for the center stone, this ring uses emerald with rough cut. The popping green of the emerald makes this ring a strong statement for your big day. The yellow gold as the metal material complements the green prettily. This ring is perfect for middle-ages themed wedding, or if you and your partner simply love to be non-traditional.

3. Fossilized dinosaur bone

Diamond is impressive, but not as impressive as fossilized dinosaur bones. Yes, this pretty center stone of this ring is apparently made from fossilized dinosaur bone! Now, that’s what we should call non-traditional engagement ring ideas. This ring will make you and your partner feel absolutely special.

Gold Engagement Ring Ideas

Golden wedding rings in realistic style

Gold never ages. It is still the number one material for engagement ring. The reason is because gold is durable and widely available. It is cheaper than platinum and far stronger than silver. Other metal that has the same quality as silver, gold and platinum are usually hard to find.

These days, gold also comes in three variants of color: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. They are made by mixing gold with colored metal that create the pretty shade of color. This technology gives different feeling for each choice. Take a look at our gold engagement ring ideas below.

1. Moissante Rose God Engagement Ring Ideas

The soft rose color of the metal with a detail on the top, leads to a cushion cut moissante as a center stone. This simple design is timeless and stunning. You can get this design from popRing via Etsy.

2. Two Tone Engagement Ring

Why choose white or yellow gold when you can have both? This gorgeous two tone gold engagement ring features both white and yellow gold that swirls to hold the diamond center stone on the top. Get this from Barkev’s.

3. Opal stone in white gold engagement ring

Instead of the clear white from diamond, the colorful reflection from the opal as the centerpiece complement the white gold that form the band perfectly. Ornamental details are also present surrounding the center stone. Get this stunning gold engagement ring from Nicer Jewelry.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Blooming flowers with engagement rings

Vintage is the new new. People use the word vintage to refer to something that is at least 50 years old but not yet 100 years old. In fashion, this term often refers to fashion item that is produced between 1920s to 20 years before today.
Whether you buy authentic vintage engagement rings or buy a reproduction based on vintage style, it doesn’t matter. Pinterest has a vast collection for vintage engagement rings idea. Check our favorites below.

1. Art-Deco Inspired Pinterest Vintage Engagement Ring Idea

This art-deco style engagement ring is characterized by its different design. With diamond as its center stone and surrounded by smaller ones in halo design, this ring sure is an eyecatcher. You can get this via Etsy for $ 5,800.00

2. Three-Stone Pinterest Vintage Engagement Ring

Three stone is another popular style in the late 1800s until early 1900s. It is characterized by three stones or jewel, positioned in line. The jewel or stone can be diamond, pearl or any jewel of your choice. You can get this particular design via Etsy for $2,190.00

3. Edwardian Sapphire Pinterest Vintage Engagement Ring

This collection from Erstwhile Jewelry is an antique Edwardian ring made with halo style, where blue sapphire made as the center of the attention, surrounded by two rows of diamonds. You can get this ring for $ 4,600.00.

Engagement Ring Ideas on A Budget

Gold wedding rings 6 realistic isolated sets

Young couple often find themselves living on a budget. This is the time of their life where their career has not yet bloom. But, love doesn’t have to wait for career, as long as you are smart enough to find what you are looking for.
Here are some tips to purchase engagement ring that won’t make you bankrupt after the happy event.

1. Choose 14 karat gold

There are two choices for gold: 14K and 18K. This shows how pure the gold is, with 18K contains more gold than the 14K one. 14K is cheaper, but it is still desirable.

2. Choose white gold or palladium

White gold is made from a mix of gold and a kind of white metal, usually palladium, manganese or nickel. Also, while the golden color of gold is majestic, white gold can evokes an impression of purity that may suit your white wedding even better. Palladium is far cheaper than even white gold, and an excellent choice for hypoallergenic reason.

3. It doesn’t have to be diamond

Although it depends on the quality, diamond is typically the most expensive jewel in the market. The beauty of diamond is indeed stunning, but so does other gemstones that people tend to overlook when they’re choosing an engagement ring.

Gemstone like amethyst, sapphire, ruby, emerald and so on can be as beautiful as diamond, and in fact its characteristic color can even give a different impression that suits your bride or groom better.

So, have you found any engagement ring ideas from the list above? Or do you imagine a very different idea in your head? Tell us about your dream engagement ring!

Groom Preparation for Wedding

Groom Preparation for Wedding

So, are you one of the happiest men on earth because you’re going to have your wedding sometime soon? If you are, let me offer you my congratulation. However, at the same time I want to offer you my sympathy, because a groom-to-be, while he is the happiest man, probably he is also the most stressed man.

Preparing a wedding is not easy, but only if you don’t know how. In this article we have prepared specially for a groom, you will find a list of things to do before marriage for groom that will make your wedding day easier as well as make your bride think how reliable you are!

Check out what that list is below.

Pre-marriage preparation for groom


The first thing first is: get involved. Often, the groom just let the bride do everything she wants with the wedding. Sometimes, this is because the bride requested so. Sometimes, the groom is simply clueless and not interested about wedding and he thinks that he’ll be more helpful if he does nothing.

This is not true at all. Even if your bride likes to prepare everything by herself and highly independent, offering of helps are always appreciated, especially when it comes from the groom himself! Looking for a venue, tasting for catering services, deciding the alcohol served as well as planning the concept and the decoration, all of them should be done by the two of you.

Beside those activities, you should also spare some individual time to do these lists:


1.Get your suit

Wedding suit may take some time to finish, especially if you order it from a particularly famous designer. So, make sure to tailor your suit as soon as the concept of your wedding is decided. For example, if you want a classic wedding, black tuxedo is usually suit the event better. For a livelier theme, lighter shade is preferred.

Get a suit that will go well with the concept. It is even better if your bride already pick a design for her dress. Then, you can show her dress to your designer and requests to make your suit complement her dress.

The timing to buy the suit should be carefully considered as well. Make it so that the final fitting is one month before the wedding. That way, your body shape won’t likely to change too much and if it does change, the tailor will still have time to alter the suit.

2. Write your vows

Depending on your religion and culture, your vow will be different. Will it be done in your or your partner’s culture? Is the vow familiar to you or not? Is there any formula you should follow or you can add some of your words? Once you get the information, write the vows on your phone on paper, than practice saying it.

Wedding shopping list for groom


What does a groom need for his wedding? Here are the list of thing a groom will likely need. It’s better to shop for this things at least a month before the big day.

1. Wedding suit

Actually, wedding suit should be bought way before H-30. The reason, like we’ve stated before, is that if the size doesn’t match you, you still have time to alter it and make it more fitting.

When you purchase or rent a wedding suit, make sure that it has all the components: the coat, the dress shirt, the trousers and other components like tie and belt (if they are included).

2. Wedding ring

Some couple use the same ring for both engagement and wedding, but some couple doesn’t. If you don’t have a wedding ring already, then you should not forget to shop for it. Choose wisely, considering not only the financial cost but also the meaning behind the design you choose.

3. Accessories

A groom’s appearance should be heightened with accessories. Make sure you have tie, belt, handkerchief and watch available.

4. Other things

Other things that you shouldn’t forget to prepare are: undershirt, underwear and socks.

Beauty tips for groom before marriage


While your bride is doing her best with her bridal beauty routine to look stunning at the wedding day, you shouldn’t slack off. When your bride is taking all your guests’ breath away with your beauty, you should make effort to match her. While men usually don’t like to take extended beauty routine as much as women, you still can take a standard grooming routine that men are usually prone to neglect.

1. Get a haircut

Because men usually only wear light make-up or even no make-up at all, haircut plays an important role. Different haircut gives different feel, and the right haircut can make you more handsome while the wrong haircut can make you look like Shrek. Weeks before the wedding, visit a hairdresser and consult what kind of haircut will look better on you and try it. If it works, the day right before the marriage, go there once again to get the same haircut. If it doesn’t works, you still have time to figure out what haircut will suit you.

2. Pick accessories

Accessories accentuate otherwise a plain outfit. For a groom, this can be a pastel colored tie, bright colored socks or even a brooch, handkerchief or flower corsage pinned on the suit. For accessories, pick a color that make a harmonious contrast with your wedding suit.

3. Diet for groom before marriage

A groom should be fit and healthy. To make sure you’re in your best shape during marriage, you should watch your diet at least three months before the big day. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. Change your diet from meat-based food to plant-based food. If you’re a fan of junk food, these three months commit yourself to eat real, clean and well-balanced food. Get support from your bride, family and friend if you don’t think you’re motivated.

4. Skin care for groom before marriage

Skin care doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s a simple matter of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting twice a day. Wash your face in the morning with a facial foam, continuing by applying moisturizer and sunscreen. Repeat the process before you go to bed, omitting the sunscreen. Routinely doing this at least three months before can help you improve your skin condition on the wedding day.

Of course, if you have a skin condition that doesn’t seem to go away after a skin care routine, you need to consult a dermatologist and get the proper treatment.

Groom preparation for wedding night


Wedding night is the most stressful period. Tomorrow is your big day, one of the most important moments of your love. You don’t want to screw up anything tomorrow, no matter how small.

To make sure tomorrow will go just fine, we help you to come up with a list of the important things you’ll need for a pre-wedding grooming for groom below.

1. Get a massage

Too much stress and tension will make you look tired and dampen your mood as well. Take a break for several hours a day before the wedding day and use it to get a massage. The massage will relax your taut muscles and calm you down so you will less likely go into panic the next day.

2. Set the alarm

Sometimes, you’re just really tired or really stressed that you pass out on your bed the night before the marriage and forget to set the alarm on the big day! You definitely should not oversleep on your wedding day. If you don’t think alarm is enough, ask your family and friends to keep watch on you in the morning. Make an arrangement that if you can’t wake up, they are allowed to drag you to the shower.

3. Breakfast

Groom often thinks they can always eat later. This is not true. The wedding day is the busiest day of your life, so busy that sometimes you can’t even find the time to think about food or sometimes you don’t even have the time to eat the buffet in your own wedding. It is always prudent to have breakfast, just in case you won’t be able to eat later.

4. Prepare a small gesture for your bride

In the morning, you and your bride will prepare separately. During this moment, send her a small gift or write her a letter. This is a small gesture but will make your bride feel appreciated and make the moment when you meet at the altar sweeter.

Groom make-up packages

makeup-artist-brush-set-professional-makeupGroom make-up packages in necessary during wedding day, because your make-up won’t last forever during the ceremony. The packages don’t have to be huge, just a simple pouch filled with these items is enough:

  1. Comb
  2. Hair product
  3. Make-up base
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Sunscreen, especially if you have outdoor wedding
  6. Deodorant
  7. Perfume
7 Benefits to Renewing Your Vows

7 Benefits to Renewing Your Vows

Considering a vow-renewal ceremony? Whether it’s been 10 years or 50, it’s a reason to celebrate, we think. Back then, when you first tied the knot, things were so much different. Your tastes, your family, your marriage as a whole—they’ve all grown a lot. With a re commitment ceremony, you get the chance to stand up in front of everyone for a second time, with your strong marriage as testimony. You also get to pop a few bottles of champagne with friends and maybe even go on vacation, and we all know those are worthwhile incentives. Here are a few more reasons why you might consider renewing your vows.


  • It’s a Nice Way to Reaffirm Your Commitment – Renewing your vows is a wonderful way to reaffirm to your partner that you’re still wholly committed to them and the marriage. If you still have them, consider breaking out your old vows and reading them to one another either during or before the ceremony. Just make sure you also write brand-new ones, too, since your love and commitment have totally evolved, and that’s something to embrace and celebrate during the recommitment ceremony. Take a look at some of these vow renewal vow samples for a few ideas.
  • It Honors the Hard Work You’ve Put In – Your wedding was the original agreement, the signing of the contract. Your vow renewal ceremony is the progress report that honors all the hard work you’ve put into your marriage over the years. We all know that getting married is a lot easier than staying married, so this is a celebration of the fact that you’ve stuck it out, even when times were tough, and that you came out on the other end still in love and happily supporting one another.
  • You (Might) Get a New Wedding Ring – Who says you can’t rock a sweet new wedding ring when you’ve been married for ages? In fact, it’s a particularly appropriate time to pick one up, especially if your tastes have changed and you’re not crazy about the original. And, with the ring-stacking trend so hot, you could even add a unique wedding band and wear it right alongside your old one. If you’ve decided to exchange your band altogether, there are all sorts of great ways to repurpose your old one so it doesn’t lose its sentimental value—like wearing it as a necklace or turning it into earrings.
  • You Get to Throw a Party – After a string of milestones in your 20s and 30s—graduations, weddings, babies—there’s a long period of time when you stop celebrating your accomplishments. Usually, there’s not a big party in your honor until you retire. The vow renewal is an excellent excuse to throw a massive bash however you want to do it, with you and your spouse as the guests of honor. As an added bonus, bringing your entire family and all of your close friends together is a rare occasion, and this would definitely be a great time to do it.
  • It’s a Special Way to Press “Reset” – We all know that marriages are more like marathons than sprints, with hurdles all along the way. If you’ve experienced a particularly tough year due to a death in the family, an illness, or even infidelity, a recommitment ceremony can be a sweet way to start from scratch. You don’t necessarily have to bare all of this to your attendees if you choose to have attendees at all. It’s something that you and your significant other can share in private and reflect upon during the ceremony. Sometimes, for one reason or another, the knot gets untied. A vow renewal ceremony lets you retie it.
  • You Get to Go on a Honeymoon – Or a renewal-moon—whatever you want to call it. If it’s been a while since you and your spouse took a romantic vacay, this is definitely one reason to bust out the suitcases and flip-flops. You could even consider having a destination vow renewal ceremony at a tropical resort or somewhere exotic so you have an excuse to pack up and get out of town! Many resorts will happily orchestrate the ceremony for you so you don’t have to do much besides show up.
  • It Can Count as a Do-Over – When your spouse first asked for your hand in marriage, circumstances were so much different. Money, school, jobs, and other factors may have prohibited you from having the big, fancy wedding of your dreams. Perhaps someone you’re especially close to wasn’t able to make it or maybe you weren’t able to buy the dress you wanted at the time. A recommitment ceremony is a special way to grant yourself a redo and to make up for a few of the marks you missed the first time.

You Don’t Have to Have a Big Reason

To be honest, there are tons of unique reasons why you might want to renew your vows, many of which probably aren’t listed here. You may not have a reason at all, and that’s perfectly okay. Every marriage is different, and the reason why you decide to re-tie the knot is a good one, no matter what it is. Continually expressing your love for one another, even if you’ve been hitched for decades, helps strengthen your bond and bolster you as a couple so you stay in it for another several decades!

Eye-Catching Wedding Color Combos for Your Fall Wedding

Eye-Catching Wedding Color Combos for Your Fall Wedding

If you want to make your wedding stand out, choosing a unique color palette is a great place to start. Autumn is the perfect season for experimenting with different colors, and there are all sorts of combos that are eye-catching, sophisticated and appropriate for fall weddings. While foliage-inspired shades of orange, red and yellow are the most common options for this time of year, there are all sorts of other palettes to choose from. Here are a few combos that are sure to get lots of attention for all of the right reasons.

Dove Gray and Silver

Pairing dove gray and silver screams sophistication. This color palette is perfect for ushering in cooler weather, and it works especially well late in the fall. Shimmering silver paired with soft gray creates a subtle, monochromatic look that is absolutely magical. To add even more sparkle, consider jewelry and accessories made from silver freshwater pearls or celestial quartz. Either option would look stunning with this color combination.

Purple, Orange and Burgundy

When you want to use a traditional fall color like orange but make it more your own, consider pairing it with rich shades of purple and burgundy. This color combination is reminiscent of a vineyard, and it’s a lovely and vibrant option for fall weddings. It pairs well with both rustic and modern themes and sets a unique mood.

Yellow, Beige and Cinnamon

Yellow, beige and cinnamon work well together for elegant autumn weddings. This color combination has a regal vibe that is undeniably sophisticated. It works especially well when used along with traditional wedding elements, such as formal table settings with place cards and chargers, a large tiered cake, etc. Tie the entire look together with seasonal fall flowers, like sunflowers, black-eyed Susans or mums.

Dusty Rose and Sage Green

A gorgeous fall wedding color palette doesn’t have to be complicated. Dusty rose and sage green are two simple colors that complement each other and are perfect for autumn weddings. It’s one of the more simple palettes on this list, but it’s also one of the more elegant. Sage is a neutral color that’s incredibly easy to work with, and rose shades are always associated with love and romance. Combining these two colors results in a beautiful and romantic aesthetic that is simple yet incredible. Rose quartz gemstones are the perfect choice for jewelry for brides who choose this color scheme.

Pineapple Yellow and Cardinal Red

Want to create a bold look for your fall wedding? Consider pairing vivid shades like pineapple yellow and cardinal red. This look works best if you use yellow as the primary color and red as the accent. In fact, you only need a few pops of red here and there to make a big impact. When used together, these colors are cheerful and impressive. This color palette works best for more casual, relaxed weddings. If you are going for a more formal look, you may want to choose shades that are a bit more subdued.

Maroon and Dusty Yellow

If you spend most of your summer counting down the days until the start of apple-picking season, sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes, maroon and dusty yellow is probably the wedding color palette of your dreams. These colors are reminiscent of the changing leaves in a way that is incredibly elegant and sophisticated. If you go with this color palette, consider serving up fall favorites like caramel apples and hot cocoa at your reception. After all, a cozy color scheme like this one deserves to be topped off with a cozy reception!

Burnt Orange and Navy Blue

When you are planning a formal wedding, orange may not be the first color that comes to mind. If you use it the right way, though, it can brighten up a sophisticated look. The key is not to overdo it. When pairing burnt orange and navy blue, navy should be the primary color. Save the orange for accents in your bouquet, the groomsmen’s bowties, etc. You can also add pops of orange to your invitations, your cake and your décor. Just be careful. A little bit of burnt orange can go a long way. Overdoing it can kill your formal vibe.

Royal Blue and Yellow

This color combo has become extremely popular for fall weddings in recent years. It is perfect for casual outdoor weddings and pairs exceptionally well with sunflowers or yellow mums. The royal blue and yellow color combination is great for creating a rustic or country feel. If you want to glam it up a bit, consider replacing the yellow with gold. This simple change can transform a rustic outdoor wedding into a full-blown formal affair.

Navy, Gold and Eggplant

When you pair rich hues like eggplant and navy with gold, you get a color palette that exudes elegance. With this palette, you can transform any venue into a space that Gatsby himself would love. If you want to create some old-world charm, consider adding a few different metals, such as copper, into the mix. You can also make this palette even more glamorous by incorporating gemstone beads into your jewelry and décor.


No matter what your style may be, there are all sorts of amazing color palettes to choose from when planning a fall wedding. Consider your personal favorites and the look that you and your future spouse are trying to create. The palettes listed above are just a few of the many eye-catching options. You can also mix and match to create your own color combo that is as unique as you are.

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