The new year marks new beginnings for many people. Some have made resolutions to improve their lifestyles, some have bought new homes, and others are just now starting to share a life with a significant other.

If you are beginning a new life together as a couple in 2024 and plan to have a big and magnificent wedding, you may want to check out 2024 wedding trends. Before we dive into the wedding celebration trends of the new year, let us remember what we are developing from. The past year has been the one for colorful and personalized weddings rather than traditional ones. 2024 will likely continue down this road, embracing sustainability and interactive experiences along the way.

2024 Wedding Trends

In this blog post, we will explore 2024 wedding trends to inspire you for your wedding celebration.

Candid Cameras

Candid images have been quite popular in recent years. Couples seem to find authentic moments captured naturally more beautiful than any other. Hiring documentary photographers for weddings has been an ongoing trend on TikTok and Instagram.

Giving out candid cameras for guests to capture the moments they deem the most romantic, intimate, funny, or beautiful will bring out the 90s nostalgia, allow your guests to enjoy themselves, and it will give you and your new spouse something fresh and sweet to reminisce over in the years to come.

Themed Guest Attire

Achieving a specific aesthetic goal for a wedding is difficult when all of your guests choose to wear various styles of attire. Therefore, you may want to consider asking your guests to follow the theme while choosing what to wear to your wedding.

Some weddings have monochrome themes where guests all show up in one color, others are more colorful but everyone shows up in a similar style of clothing.

Sustainable Celebrations; Green Takes the Spotlight

In 2024 sustainability becomes a point in weddings. Couples are embracing eco practices, incorporating sourced decorations, and zero-waste catering. It’s worth considering the use of biodegradable materials and selecting venues that align with conscious values to create a celebration that leaves a positive impact.

Micro Weddings and Intimate Gatherings; Small is the New Chic

The trend of micro weddings continues to gain popularity as couples opt for celebrations focused on quality rather than quantity. This allows for experiences, attention to detail, and an opportunity to cherish precious moments with loved ones in a relaxed setting.

Many couples would rather save money for a honeymoon or a dream home than host a large wedding. Micro weddings create a more intimate atmosphere that allows the couple to share their joy with only the closest of their friends and family members.

Tech Savvy Weddings; Adding Virtual Elements

Embrace technology to incorporate elements into your wedding celebration. Whether it’s live streaming the ceremony for guests or integrating experiences through augmented reality tech-savvy weddings seamlessly blend in personal joy with virtual connections.

Bold and Unique Color Palettes; Breaking Free from Traditional Tones

Step aside whites and pastels; 2024 invites unique color palettes into the wedding scene. Couples are experimenting with jewel tones, earthy shades, and unexpected combinations to infuse their wedding aesthetics with personality and vibrancy.

Interactive Entertainment

Enhance your wedding entertainment by incorporating experiences. Couples are now opting for food stations, live art installations, and virtual reality booths to captivate and engage their guests throughout the celebration. Such entertainment options will leave your guests satisfied, they will also allow your guests to have fun amongst themselves and get to know each other better.

Destination Weddings

Lovebirds are selecting destinations for their day combining a wedding and a vacation into one unforgettable experience. Destination weddings can be exceptionally beautiful, especially if the venue is chosen correctly.

Many couples choose rental properties as venues to allow the guests to stay overnight as well in these cases. Whether it’s exchanging vows on a beach or amidst the mountains, destination weddings provide a distinct and lasting memory for both the couple and their loved ones.

Private Vows

More and more couples choose to exchange vows privately after the ceremony to make the moment even more memorable and intimate. Many couples prefer to make promises of a lifetime and declare their love for one another without other parties present.

Floral Installations: Going Beyond Traditional Bouquets

In the year 2024, floral arrangements have taken on a level of creativity. Couples are choosing to go beyond the centerpieces and bouquets opting instead for floral installations such as arches, walls, and even hanging blooms. These stunning displays serve as backdrops for their day.


As you embark on your wedding planning journey in 2024 let these trends inspire you to create a celebration that not only reflects your love but also sets new trends for years to come. With choices and immersive experiences on offer this year couples have a palette from which to paint their perfect day. May your celebration be a testament to the love you share. The trends that define your journey together. Here’s to love, laughter, and a wedding that becomes a trendsetter for eternity!

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