Dressing up to attend formal events can be a stressful time for many, but it doesn’t have to be there are plenty of resources on the internet to help you, but since you are here you can find this information right here!

Make Sure Your Outfit Fits You

When shopping for formal attire too many of us opt to purchase suits that just don’t fit us right, this can leave our outfit looking disjointed. Making the extra effort to ensure that you rock up to the wedding wearing clothing that suits you and fits you simultaneously is always worth it. You can either purchase a suit that is exactly your size or you can take your suit to a tailor who will be able to make sizing adjustments to your clothing, just make sure that the suit that you bring to the tailor isn’t excessively big or small.

When you are shopping for suits and formal attire you should go with a friend to get another person’s opinion if the wedding outfits you are considering both fit you right and suit your personality. By shopping with other people attending the wedding you could also synchronise your outfit styles and colours if you wanted to; when done right this can make outfits more memorable and impressive.

Know Your Colours

Wearing an outfit with the right blend of colours can be the magic that makes your outfit look exceptional. It is important to understand your audience. In this case, you are attending a wedding so avoiding darker colours is advisable. Weddings are a happy time which is why you should encapsulate the feelings of happiness within your outfit, this can be done by wearing brighter colours. When you are shopping for suits and ties you may benefit from being more open-minded about colour options to experiment with in the clothing store changing room, you may even surprise yourself. Choosing colours that match both your appearance and personality can help you look your best.

Different Types of Wedding Dresscodes For Men

White Tie Wedding

Black tie weddings are usually considered to be the most formal type of wedding, but did you know that there is a wedding dress code tier that is higher? This is called a white-tie wedding, when members of the royal family attend posh gatherings they usually attend a white-tie event.

As the name suggests they require you to wear a white tie or white bow tie, the jacket suit must be an evening tailcoat that should be worn unbuttoned and the lapels should always be peaked. You will also need a low-cut evening waistcoat that also needs to be white. Additionally, you need to ensure that the shirt underneath the low-cut evening waistcoat is visible. Instead of wearing a shirt that is made out of buttons, you should instead opt for shirts that are fastened using studs instead.

Black Tie Wedding

Black tie weddings are the most formal type of wedding, they are a fairly restrictive type of dress code where you do not get much room to add your touch of personal style. Typically you will wear a tuxedo to a black-tie wedding paired with a bow tie, you can also opt for a black tie if you want. You should pair this with a pair of smart, formal trousers and leather shoes (or fake leather shoes).

Formal Wedding

Formal weddings are a step down from black-tie weddings but it is important to note that the word ‘formal’ is still in the name. Formal weddings allow for more room to add your touch of personal style. However, they still require you to wear a formal suit, and venues where formal weddings take place such as chapels are good places to wear slightly darker coloured suits such as charcoal, navy, grey and dark blue. But you should avoid wearing colours that are too dark such as black or dark grey. In terms of footwear, you should be wearing formal shoes such as Oxford shoes. You should also ensure that your footwear is polished before attending the wedding for maximum effect.

Cocktail Or Semi-Formal Weddings

This type of wedding dress code allows for an increased level of outfit creativity allowing you to make your personal touch a more prominent part of your overall outfit. It is still worth noting that cocktail or semi-formal weddings are still somewhat formal. You can still consider wearing a suit, although a tuxedo or anything that is more high class may look out of place. Although these types of weddings often happen during the evenings and often include alcohol and dancing, dressing up to the nines may not be necessary. These types of weddings also allow guests to be more creative about the colour choice of their outfits, meaning that they can get away with wearing brighter and more extravagant colours. Whilst at one of these weddings you should wear a shirt and tie at the very least. Just don’t overdo this as you could upstage the married couple, which is best avoided during their special day.

Casual Weddings

Casual weddings can be a confusing affair for guests attending the wedding, so it is best to contact the inner circle of the bride or groom to hash out exactly what is expected of your appearance. But generally, you should opt to wear an outfit that may be slightly more formal than needed, as this is far better than underdressing for a wedding. You should avoid wearing outfits that look like men’s streetwear such as T-shirts and jeans.


When considering what to wear to a wedding it is always advisable to ask other people for their opinions, you can bounce ideas off others and come up with ideas together that will leave you looking sleek and stylish. Showcasing your wedding outfit to others before the big day is always a good idea to get other people’s opinions so that you have time to make changes if necessary.

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