If you want to make your wedding stand out, choosing a unique color palette is a great place to start. Autumn is the perfect season for experimenting with different colors, and there are all sorts of combos that are eye-catching, sophisticated and appropriate for fall weddings. While foliage-inspired shades of orange, red and yellow are the most common options for this time of year, there are all sorts of other palettes to choose from. Here are a few combos that are sure to get lots of attention for all of the right reasons.

Dove Gray and Silver

Pairing dove gray and silver screams sophistication. This color palette is perfect for ushering in cooler weather, and it works especially well late in the fall. Shimmering silver paired with soft gray creates a subtle, monochromatic look that is absolutely magical. To add even more sparkle, consider jewelry and accessories made from silver freshwater pearls or celestial quartz. Either option would look stunning with this color combination.

Purple, Orange and Burgundy

When you want to use a traditional fall color like orange but make it more your own, consider pairing it with rich shades of purple and burgundy. This color combination is reminiscent of a vineyard, and it’s a lovely and vibrant option for fall weddings. It pairs well with both rustic and modern themes and sets a unique mood.

Yellow, Beige and Cinnamon

Yellow, beige and cinnamon work well together for elegant autumn weddings. This color combination has a regal vibe that is undeniably sophisticated. It works especially well when used along with traditional wedding elements, such as formal table settings with place cards and chargers, a large tiered cake, etc. Tie the entire look together with seasonal fall flowers, like sunflowers, black-eyed Susans or mums.

Dusty Rose and Sage Green

A gorgeous fall wedding color palette doesn’t have to be complicated. Dusty rose and sage green are two simple colors that complement each other and are perfect for autumn weddings. It’s one of the more simple palettes on this list, but it’s also one of the more elegant. Sage is a neutral color that’s incredibly easy to work with, and rose shades are always associated with love and romance. Combining these two colors results in a beautiful and romantic aesthetic that is simple yet incredible. Rose quartz gemstones are the perfect choice for jewelry for brides who choose this color scheme.

Pineapple Yellow and Cardinal Red

Want to create a bold look for your fall wedding? Consider pairing vivid shades like pineapple yellow and cardinal red. This look works best if you use yellow as the primary color and red as the accent. In fact, you only need a few pops of red here and there to make a big impact. When used together, these colors are cheerful and impressive. This color palette works best for more casual, relaxed weddings. If you are going for a more formal look, you may want to choose shades that are a bit more subdued.

Maroon and Dusty Yellow

If you spend most of your summer counting down the days until the start of apple-picking season, sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes, maroon and dusty yellow is probably the wedding color palette of your dreams. These colors are reminiscent of the changing leaves in a way that is incredibly elegant and sophisticated. If you go with this color palette, consider serving up fall favorites like caramel apples and hot cocoa at your reception. After all, a cozy color scheme like this one deserves to be topped off with a cozy reception!

Burnt Orange and Navy Blue

When you are planning a formal wedding, orange may not be the first color that comes to mind. If you use it the right way, though, it can brighten up a sophisticated look. The key is not to overdo it. When pairing burnt orange and navy blue, navy should be the primary color. Save the orange for accents in your bouquet, the groomsmen’s bowties, etc. You can also add pops of orange to your invitations, your cake and your décor. Just be careful. A little bit of burnt orange can go a long way. Overdoing it can kill your formal vibe.

Royal Blue and Yellow

This color combo has become extremely popular for fall weddings in recent years. It is perfect for casual outdoor weddings and pairs exceptionally well with sunflowers or yellow mums. The royal blue and yellow color combination is great for creating a rustic or country feel. If you want to glam it up a bit, consider replacing the yellow with gold. This simple change can transform a rustic outdoor wedding into a full-blown formal affair.

Navy, Gold and Eggplant

When you pair rich hues like eggplant and navy with gold, you get a color palette that exudes elegance. With this palette, you can transform any venue into a space that Gatsby himself would love. If you want to create some old-world charm, consider adding a few different metals, such as copper, into the mix. You can also make this palette even more glamorous by incorporating gemstone beads into your jewelry and décor.


No matter what your style may be, there are all sorts of amazing color palettes to choose from when planning a fall wedding. Consider your personal favorites and the look that you and your future spouse are trying to create. The palettes listed above are just a few of the many eye-catching options. You can also mix and match to create your own color combo that is as unique as you are.

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