As the hot weather starts to cool and leaves start to leave their tree, the atmosphere changes into a lulling calmness. It is a season of maple leaves, delicious food, and of course, sacred wedding.

However, you should pay attention to the cool weather. Don’t let yourself and your guests shiver as the wind blows just because you still can’t leave the spirit of summer behind. In fact, you can infuse the two spirits into your wedding, and have a warm event in the cooling weather.

Here are 16 ideas for fall wedding that will make a long lasting impression of your wedding.

  1. Indoor Venue – Because the weather has turned cooler, it is better to bring the occasion inside. This way, you and your guests don’t have to withstand the chilly autumn wind. However, simply choosing indoor venue doesn’t always guarantee warmth. You will need to decorate the venue accordingly. Choose the warm color schemes (which thankfully, usually autumn color schemes are) and adds a lot of personal touches to make the venue warm not only for the body but for the soul as well.
  2. Red or Orange Color Schemes – Color that match fall best is yellow, orange, and red. Thankfully, those colors are plentiful in the autumn. Flowers in yellow, orange, and red are easily found, such as roses or peonies. Another source of colors are foliages from the trees that are naturally yellow, orange, and red in the fall.
    You can apply these colors not only in the decoration but also in the bride and groom dressing, as well as for the bridesmaids and the best men. In fact, you can also adopt the color scheme for the food and beverages menu as well.
  3. Golden or Chocolate Color Schemes – If red and orange are too bold for you, you can go with the calmer chocolate or the more elegant gold. Chocolate are pretty easy color to find – you can celebrate the wedding in the wooden hall and have plenty of burlap for decoration. You can also have decorated wood as centerpieces.
    Golden is hard to find in natural color, so your best option is to paint many autumn leaves or pumpkin in golden as centerpieces. You can also use golden fabric to drape over the chairs.
  4. Maple Leaves Decoration – There is no autumn without maple leaves. If you have outdoor wedding, scatter them on the floor to add the fall feeling. If you have indoor wedding, you can scatter them on the path leading to the altar. Another use of the leaves is for the substitute of flower petal or confetti that people usually throw at the couple. The descend of autumn leave of the bride and the groom will create a lasting impression.
  5. Pumpkin Centerpieces – Pumpkin is the representative fruit of fall, so it’s natural to have them in your wedding. Plus, orange pumpkin is absolutely pretty to have. You can carve small pumpkins with your initials and put them as the decoration on the table.
  6. Candle Centerpieces – No better time to bring out candle than fall. Use mason jars or glasses and fill it with colored water (in yellow, gold, orange, or brown) and let the candle float. Put them on each of the table as the centerpieces. Be generous with the candle, they will twinkle so pretty and add the warmth in the atmosphere.
  7. Rustic Decoration – Rustic gains popularity lately, and there is no reason for you not to use it for your fall wedding. Rustic style gives a feeling of old comfort, and it fits exactly with a feeling of fall wedding. Pick old wooden tables and chairs for the furniture, then use generous amount of burlap and tweed for the decoration – for the tablecloth or ribbon to tie centerpieces together.
  8. Bouquet in Brown and White – Usually, you wouldn’t think of having a brown flower in your bouquet. After all, who wants to have a dried flower? However, a rustic bouquet of brown flowers (whether natural or dried), will make quite a statement to your fall wedding. Add some white flowers to avoid dullness. Wrap them in a burlap ribbon and you’ll have bouquet that belongs only to you.
  9. Long Wedding Dress – You don’t want to shiver in your wedding dress. For this reason, choose long wedding dress for fall wedding to keep your legs warm. Long wedding dress makes you look calm and elegant – the exact spirit of fall.
    However, don’t let the chill affect the upper part of the body as well. If you don’t want a long sleeved wedding dress, there are plenty of options to keep you warm – like by wearing an autumn blazer on top of your wedding dresses. If the nature of your wedding is more casual, you can even wear a simple plaid shirt on top of your wedding dress.
  10. Orange for the Grooms – The groom shouldn’t be the only one left out of the autumn color. It doesn’t mean that the groom will have to wear orange suits – no, of course not. However, a pop of small orange will make him look matching with the rest of the wedding. You can infuse this small pop of color in his tie or his handkerchief that peeks out from his pocket.
  11. Boots and Marsala for the Bridesmaids – Bridesmaids can afford to be more casual. Fashion for fall is usually plaid shirt, winter blazer, and cowboy boots. When you have a row of bridesmaids in cowboy boots, the cuteness visual will be unforgettable. In addition, get your bridesmaids this Pantone color of marsala for their color. The color matches perfectly with your white wedding dress and the autumn concept.
  12. Chocolate and Caramel in Dessert Bar – Chocolate and caramel are definitely the dessert of autumn: their color even match! Fill your dessert bar with various confectioneries made from chocolate and caramel. Some of the most popular desserts are donuts sprinkled with white sugar and cinnamon, apple pie, caramel apple, pumpkin pie, and cupcakes.
  13. Warm Drink – Nothing makes you sigh in satisfaction like a warm drink in a cold weather. Warm apple cider is a must have drink in your drink bar. You can also upgrade it into alcoholic drink by serving it as margarita or bellini. For nonalcoholic beverage, you can serve warm chocolate or green tea – guests can choose whether they want the heavier or lighter beverages.
  14. Pumpkin Wedding Cake – Instead of the usual vanilla sponge cake, why not try a pumpkin cake, dusted with cinnamon and frosted with cream, topped with mini pumpkin and figs? The whole ingredients of the cake scream autumn. For healthier option, you can skip the frosting and have an open cake instead. If you don’t like pumpkin, don’t worry. There is always dark chocolate cake that will still suit your fall wedding and your taste as well.
  15. Warm Appetizer – Let the guests warm their body up first with the right appetizer. Since the weather is getting cooler now, a warm soup is ideal appetizer for fall menu. You can have asparagus soup with crab, cream soup with mushroom and chicken, or soup with fall vegetables such as leek, onion, and carrot.
  16. Hearty Main Course – Cold weather makes everybody hungry. Serve a hearty main course to keep them full and warm. Chicken fillet, roasted chicken and salmon can never go wrong with anybody. But, if you have more budget and want to be more exotic, you can serve veal or lamb for a change.

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