The existence of wedding checklist is obligatory if you want your wedding to stay organized. Keep in mind that the checklist is only for the essential needs for your wedding. Put the small details to another list so that you can stay focused.

Wedding list is also important for budget estimation. When you have wedding checklist at hand and plenty of time to arrange it all, you will easily save your budget and make economical planning.

You should make the planning at least 12 months in advance before your wedding. Yes, it needs that long to arrange a one-day wedding. Since everything can change in such range of time, you had better prepare for several plans, just in case something unexpected happens.

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now arrange wedding checklist at ease by using app. However, manual note is still needed for back up. Moreover, manual checklist is in some case more helpful than digital checklist. It is because it doesn’t need electric charging like the digital one. So if your gadget runs out of battery, your manual note is always ready.

Here are some wedding checklist guidelines for your easy tracking.

A year before D Day

Take a note of the first day you make the wedding checklist. In this initial phase, you need to make budget plan. Start by taking notes of your saving account and your partner’s as well. So this wedding checklist is a teamwork. You need to do it together.

If necessary, it is better if you get engaged. Usually, people get engaged a year before wedding day. So let’s suppose that you’ve already engaged. You have to appoint some people which will help you along the way your wedding plan. It can be your relatives, best friends, and parents. Start to plan the wedding venue and the number of guests you will invite.

Two or three months later

It means about 10-9 before the due date. During this time, think about wedding dress and reception food. Don’t forget about the concept. Choose the one both of you think the most suitable and comfortable for everybody. It’s like the two of you can start to become wedding planner team. If you don’t want to be in too much workload, you can choose to hire wedding organizer. In this way, you simply need to follow up the progress of your wedding preparation.

Six Months before the D Day

Now you can start thinking about how many bridesmaids you will need, who they are, call them, and make some arrangement for ordering bridesmaid dress. It is better that your brides maids having rather similar clothing size. But if not, it’s not a problem.

Besides bridesmaids, you and your partner also have to arrange some honeymoon plan. It is important to book honeymoon package in advance especially if it’s in peak season. Still, pay attention to your budget. If you have no plan for honeymoon, then it’s okay.

Six to four months before D day

If you arrange the wedding by yourself, select the best wedding cake and make some research about it. If you have trusted all your wedding plan to an organizer, make sure that what they are arranging for you is all upon your agreement. Follow up all the time to make sure that everything runs well.

Don’t forget to start shopping wedding rings and looking for wedding invitation. Always include your partner for this important issue.

Three months before the D day

Again, always follow up the wedding organizer. You might as well look for groom’s formal wear. It should be matched with the bride’s wedding dress. If necessary, you can start looking for car rental. You can also attend your shower, if you have made appointment before.

Two Months before the D Day

It’s time to have your invitations posted. Always check and recheck the consignee’s addresses so that it can be delivered well. During this time, you and your partner should start to buy some gifts for parents and relatives.

Two months before the wedding is the right time to find hair stylist and make up artist. They usually come in one package. Make sure that the you book the best make up artist which will make you look more beautiful in your special day.

One month before the wedding

It’s time to look for marriage license. Go to the local bureau and have the license as soon as you can. It is also suggested that you and your partner have medical check to make sure that both of you are healthy enough to have marriage.

For the bride, make sure that your wedding dress is ready and you can do gown fitting. Call all your bridesmaids to have their dresses fitted as well. One month before wedding, make sure that all of the invited guests have sent their response, If so, you can book hotel room or look for another site for guests’ accommodation.

Two weeks Before D day

If you like, you can take some pre wedding photo shots. It’s important since usually people show their pre wedding photographs on their wedding day. Two weeks before the D day is also perfect time for giving the DJ and bandleaders song request and possible scenario if there’s somebody spontaneously join the band. Don’t forget to always control your wedding organizer to see if there any problem or changing in plan.

A week before until the D day

It may be the most hectic and busy days for the couple and the whole planning team members. You will have to check and recheck. Now it’s time to pay attention to small details like additional snacks, home appliances for decorating your wedding venue, and so on. Don’t forget the best man and if you plan to have bachelor and bachelorete party. It is also important to contact the reverend for leading the wedding ceremony. If necessary, do some rehearsal a day before your wedding.

So, have you prepared enough for your big day? Have a nice wedding and may this post is useful for you.**

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