Even as there are a million things to take care of while preparing for your wedding, one of the really interesting and exciting parts of your wedding reception is selecting your wedding cake especially Asian wedding cakes from a plethora of cakes. At times this may get confusing due to the ample available cake styles. A wedding cake resembles a piece of art often the cake becomes a focal point at the gathering. It is a visual delight that every guest wants to have a piece of. Let’s get into a tiny crash course. Be sure that you make the tasting appointments in alignment with your wedding date, venue and number of attendees.

While selecting the wedding, you have to ensure that the cake pairs with the design and theme of your reception as well as it should be an apt impression of the couple. The delicious tastings make the entire activity is really fun. You can choose from a variety of cake styles. Majority of the wedding cakes consist of levels. These levels are segregated using columns to provide additional elevation or they are heaped one tier atop another. To make such levels, poles or separator plates are used which prevent the cake from tumbling on other levels.

Wedding Cake Types

Traditional Cakes for your wedding

Traditional cakes are either classic round or square shaped multi-level with fondant icing or cream. The levels are either piled up on each other or dowel poles are installed to support each level adding additional elevation. At some weddings even homemade recipes are used as a part of wedding tradition. You shall frequently discover that a traditional cake would be piped with white detailing or it would be given a smooth texture sideways with ribbon and floral decorations. As per customs in few families, a fruitcake is used at the reception mainly when the bride and groom reserve a portion of the wedding cake for their first anniversary.

Contemporary Cakes for your wedding

Modern shapes will look more present-day and sophisticated than just a round traditional cake. The shapes can be intermingled like triangles and rectangles which furnish the cake with a modern twist. These distinctive and bespoke wedding cakes are an impersonation of the couple’s eccentricity and persona. If you wish to be prominent and stick out the crowd and fancy your wedding cake to be reminisced by your family, friends and guests then you can definitely vouch for a modernistic cake. Nowadays couples are picking diverse flavors in the wedding cakes and there are many flavors to choose from like carrot cake, caramel, biscuit, chocolate and white chocolate. Many exotic flavors have come up in the recent times. The modern cakes tickle your sense of smell and taste apart from their aesthetics. Some couple even choose flavors like peanut butter, raspberry cream, coconut and bananas.

Ideas you can Blend: Icing matters!

Icing cannot be selected by the tastings alone. The icings are critical part to the cake as even a very gorgeous cake can lose its beauty if the icing loses form often turning it into a naked cake. There are typically four major types of icing depending on your cake style and preference.

  • Royal Icing: prepared from pasting egg whites and icing sugar the icing dries to a hardened finish. You cannot use it all over the cake. Rather it is used to give ornamental traces like piping, polka dots, lattice work, small flowers and beading.
  • Buttercream: is a frequently used icing made from soft materials as cream, butter and flavour mix. It is smooth and cuts easily. Buttercream is not good for outdoor gatherings as heat melts the layers. Buttercream is great for cake patterns like fleur-de-lis, swags, rosettes, swirls, and basket weave.
  • Rolled Fondant: a popular choice for many cakes is flexible and stays good in outdoor climates too. Fondant icing is a mishmash of corn syrup, sugar, gelatine and glycerine. The fondant is rolled out in even-thickness sheet and then positioned atop the cake leaving to present a clean look. It is sweet in taste, but many prefer creamy buttercream icing better.
  • Marzipan: is a blend of sugar and almond paste. Marzipan is rolled and topped on the wedding cake similar to rolled fondant. The main purpose of this icing is to create figurines or realistic flowers. It can even be dyed with food colouring once its laid out.

Other than icing and type of cake you can browse more on the basis of size, numbers of layers at various shapes. Sheet Cake is a marvellous choice for wedding receptions. Nonetheless, buying a littler fake cake and serving sheet cake is not inexpensive. Though the cake doesn’t need to be baked, a lot of effort goes into constructing the fake cake. The genuine reward is you don’t need to slice the cake into hundreds of pieces for the invitees, which generally take a huge chunk of time. The pre-cut sheets help in serving guests with the cake pieces as soon as the cutting ceremony is done. A lot of couples might be sensitive to nuts and dairy. So, it’s best to order a nut, dairy or gluten free cake.

So, hope that you found a good chunk of cake ideas from us. Or you imagine something else for your wedding cake? Tell us more about your wedding cake fancies!

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