Choosing wedding venue can be a challenging task especially if your home is not space enough to hold wedding party.  If you have relative who have big ballroom or garden for conducting party and they are willing to help, it’s no problem. But what if you don’t have any?

Especially for urban people, there is almost no enough space for accommodating wedding party. Here are some tips you can practically do to choose and arrange wedding venue.

  1. Plan how many guests it will be
    Both of you have to consolidate on how many people are invited to your wedding. It is necessary to determine if how much space you will need to accommodate the guests. If you plan some private and small party, then a moderate building is enough for up to 100 people, including the guest star (musicians and DJ, if there are any) and MC. Try to carefully select who you would like to invite.
  2. Ask about the rent budget
    Different venue, different fare. Make sure that you ask in details about how much you have to pay for the wedding venue. Some managements apply hourly rate and some provide overall package. Be sure that you have sum up all budget information including the facilities and if there is additional charge if you would like to have some extra time.
  3. Always discuss with your partner
    It’s your wedding, for both of you. You two have to work as a team to make sure that the decision made is based on your agreement. Don’t be in a rush especially if the d day is still 9 months ahead. It’s important to anticipate. But you have to be meticulous and discuss everything thoroughly so that you can have a clear picture and concept of your wedding.
    If you want everything to instantly settled, just hand your work to wedding organizer. However, make sure that the package you choose is carefully planned and well researched.
  4. Check and Compare
    Go to various wedding planners or organizers’ website to compare their availability. Take some notes of several candidate you are interested in. Don’t forget to see through all the web and blog contents, including the facility, contact person, catering, and FAQ section, and comments on the articles.
    It is necessary to read through customers’ feedback to give you clearer plan of the wedding venue. See also the rating of each wedding planner or organizer.
  5. Carefully select your wedding date
    Of course you need to decide when actually you are getting married. Although it seems so easy task, you have to discuss it with your partner and the whole family. Sometimes there is religious belief or family myth which forbid certain days for wedding.
    It is better to get married when there are few couples conduct weddings. You can choose January through April when there are few people choose to get married. It’s because during the term people are likely busy with their business and job. Moreover, it’s rather cold during the term. You can also choose Friday for wedding because the fare is usually lower for Friday wedding.
  6. Decide your wedding theme
    The venue can play an enormous role in shaping the ambiance for your wedding, thus it is vital to possess a vision of what you wish to portray for your huge day. Your venue becomes the third character within the narrative of your wedding story. the most effective recommendation we are able to offer you is to decide on an area that looks like returning home. For instance, if you had family parties where the guests are so many, seek for a venue with an over sized outdoor theme that will look slightly nicer. It can accommodate some extra guests you invited.
  7. Pay attention to the color choice
    Pick your colors or theme when selecting your venue. Wedding organizer experts suggest that American couple tend to choose purple and silver color range. The venue would then be decorated with off-white walls and golden colored chairs.
    However, if you intend to hold simpler wedding party, it is better to choose softer colors like soft green, cream, soft pink, or peach. Color choice has to be matched with theme you have decided before. Don’t over decorate the room unless you will make your wedding venue like warehouse.
  8. For traditional look, choose farm theme
    Barns, farms, and ranches charm to traditional loving brides and groom. To make the nuance warmer, add several elegant touches like chandeliers, polished floors, out of doors hearth pits, and twinkle lights arrange between trees. You can also add a net hammock to make country style.
  9. Great Hall for Luxury wedding
    An comprehensive dance hall or edifice is an excellent background for a classic, dreamy wedding. If you are a conventionalist craving for one thing a bit completely different, think about a castle or an old Victorian house or estate, rich with intricate interior design for classy traditional wedding style.
  10. Natural theme wedding
    It is suitable for people who love being outside. You better choose coastal area or top of a hill to conduct this kind of wedding ceremony. Some metro pop movies often portray outdoor wedding, mostly at the beach and greenish garden. If you see Twilight saga, Edward and Bella’s wedding concept can be an inspiration.
  11. Venue for eccentric theme
    It mans that they may choose anti-mainstream ideas for their wedding venue. Divers, for instance, may choose sea world or marine garden for their wedding venue. Mountaineer couple may choose Himalayan or Kilimanjaro top as their wedding place. Other unusual venue includes zoo, planetariums, museums, ski arena, and the like. Just make sure that your wedding outfit matches with the occasion.
  12. Cottage for private wedding
    Some people value privacy above all things. So, it may be best to choose holiday cottage as your wedding venue. With no more than 30 guests, your wedding will feel so solemn and serene. This kind of wedding requires less budget than other kinds of wedding.

Those are some things you have to consider before deciding the final wedding venue. Remember that marriage is supposed to be one-time event. So, it is better to always be careful on preparation.**

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