So, are you one of the happiest men on earth because you’re going to have your wedding sometime soon? If you are, let me offer you my congratulation. However, at the same time I want to offer you my sympathy, because a groom-to-be, while he is the happiest man, probably he is also the most stressed man.

Preparing a wedding is not easy, but only if you don’t know how. In this article we have prepared specially for a groom, you will find a list of things to do before marriage for groom that will make your wedding day easier as well as make your bride think how reliable you are!

Check out what that list is below.

Pre-marriage preparation for groom


The first thing first is: get involved. Often, the groom just let the bride do everything she wants with the wedding. Sometimes, this is because the bride requested so. Sometimes, the groom is simply clueless and not interested about wedding and he thinks that he’ll be more helpful if he does nothing.

This is not true at all. Even if your bride likes to prepare everything by herself and highly independent, offering of helps are always appreciated, especially when it comes from the groom himself! Looking for a venue, tasting for catering services, deciding the alcohol served as well as planning the concept and the decoration, all of them should be done by the two of you.

Beside those activities, you should also spare some individual time to do these lists:


1.Get your suit

Wedding suit may take some time to finish, especially if you order it from a particularly famous designer. So, make sure to tailor your suit as soon as the concept of your wedding is decided. For example, if you want a classic wedding, black tuxedo is usually suit the event better. For a livelier theme, lighter shade is preferred.

Get a suit that will go well with the concept. It is even better if your bride already pick a design for her dress. Then, you can show her dress to your designer and requests to make your suit complement her dress.

The timing to buy the suit should be carefully considered as well. Make it so that the final fitting is one month before the wedding. That way, your body shape won’t likely to change too much and if it does change, the tailor will still have time to alter the suit.

2. Write your vows

Depending on your religion and culture, your vow will be different. Will it be done in your or your partner’s culture? Is the vow familiar to you or not? Is there any formula you should follow or you can add some of your words? Once you get the information, write the vows on your phone on paper, than practice saying it.

Wedding shopping list for groom


What does a groom need for his wedding? Here are the list of thing a groom will likely need. It’s better to shop for this things at least a month before the big day.

1. Wedding suit

Actually, wedding suit should be bought way before H-30. The reason, like we’ve stated before, is that if the size doesn’t match you, you still have time to alter it and make it more fitting.

When you purchase or rent a wedding suit, make sure that it has all the components: the coat, the dress shirt, the trousers and other components like tie and belt (if they are included).

2. Wedding ring

Some couple use the same ring for both engagement and wedding, but some couple doesn’t. If you don’t have a wedding ring already, then you should not forget to shop for it. Choose wisely, considering not only the financial cost but also the meaning behind the design you choose.

3. Accessories

A groom’s appearance should be heightened with accessories. Make sure you have tie, belt, handkerchief and watch available.

4. Other things

Other things that you shouldn’t forget to prepare are: undershirt, underwear and socks.

Beauty tips for groom before marriage


While your bride is doing her best with her bridal beauty routine to look stunning at the wedding day, you shouldn’t slack off. When your bride is taking all your guests’ breath away with your beauty, you should make effort to match her. While men usually don’t like to take extended beauty routine as much as women, you still can take a standard grooming routine that men are usually prone to neglect.

1. Get a haircut

Because men usually only wear light make-up or even no make-up at all, haircut plays an important role. Different haircut gives different feel, and the right haircut can make you more handsome while the wrong haircut can make you look like Shrek. Weeks before the wedding, visit a hairdresser and consult what kind of haircut will look better on you and try it. If it works, the day right before the marriage, go there once again to get the same haircut. If it doesn’t works, you still have time to figure out what haircut will suit you.

2. Pick accessories

Accessories accentuate otherwise a plain outfit. For a groom, this can be a pastel colored tie, bright colored socks or even a brooch, handkerchief or flower corsage pinned on the suit. For accessories, pick a color that make a harmonious contrast with your wedding suit.

3. Diet for groom before marriage

A groom should be fit and healthy. To make sure you’re in your best shape during marriage, you should watch your diet at least three months before the big day. Drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. Change your diet from meat-based food to plant-based food. If you’re a fan of junk food, these three months commit yourself to eat real, clean and well-balanced food. Get support from your bride, family and friend if you don’t think you’re motivated.

4. Skin care for groom before marriage

Skin care doesn’t have to be a hassle. It’s a simple matter of cleansing, moisturizing and protecting twice a day. Wash your face in the morning with a facial foam, continuing by applying moisturizer and sunscreen. Repeat the process before you go to bed, omitting the sunscreen. Routinely doing this at least three months before can help you improve your skin condition on the wedding day.

Of course, if you have a skin condition that doesn’t seem to go away after a skin care routine, you need to consult a dermatologist and get the proper treatment.

Groom preparation for wedding night


Wedding night is the most stressful period. Tomorrow is your big day, one of the most important moments of your love. You don’t want to screw up anything tomorrow, no matter how small.

To make sure tomorrow will go just fine, we help you to come up with a list of the important things you’ll need for a pre-wedding grooming for groom below.

1. Get a massage

Too much stress and tension will make you look tired and dampen your mood as well. Take a break for several hours a day before the wedding day and use it to get a massage. The massage will relax your taut muscles and calm you down so you will less likely go into panic the next day.

2. Set the alarm

Sometimes, you’re just really tired or really stressed that you pass out on your bed the night before the marriage and forget to set the alarm on the big day! You definitely should not oversleep on your wedding day. If you don’t think alarm is enough, ask your family and friends to keep watch on you in the morning. Make an arrangement that if you can’t wake up, they are allowed to drag you to the shower.

3. Breakfast

Groom often thinks they can always eat later. This is not true. The wedding day is the busiest day of your life, so busy that sometimes you can’t even find the time to think about food or sometimes you don’t even have the time to eat the buffet in your own wedding. It is always prudent to have breakfast, just in case you won’t be able to eat later.

4. Prepare a small gesture for your bride

In the morning, you and your bride will prepare separately. During this moment, send her a small gift or write her a letter. This is a small gesture but will make your bride feel appreciated and make the moment when you meet at the altar sweeter.

Groom make-up packages

makeup-artist-brush-set-professional-makeupGroom make-up packages in necessary during wedding day, because your make-up won’t last forever during the ceremony. The packages don’t have to be huge, just a simple pouch filled with these items is enough:

  1. Comb
  2. Hair product
  3. Make-up base
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Sunscreen, especially if you have outdoor wedding
  6. Deodorant
  7. Perfume

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