Do you ever wonder why every woman always looks so glowing in their own wedding? Half of the reason is because they are feeling ultimate happiness at one of the most important event of their life, but the other half is because of preparation.

Yes, brides do a whole routine of preparation to look their best at their wedding day. This bridal beauty routine can be done either with professional help or at home with homemade bridal beauty product. Do you know that the preparation can start as far from three months before the wedding?

Because of the long preparation, spending all of the bridal beauty routine outside can be expensive. This article will show you homemade beauty tips for brides before marriage. Homemade is not only cheaper, but also more natural and just as effective!

Beauty Tips for Bride 3 Month before Marriage

Bear this in mind: three months is not at all long and especially not when you are preparing a wedding. You will even find that it is too short. That’s why, you need to get serious with your bridal beauty routine starting from this period.

Change your diet into a healthier one

Beauty is from the inside, you often hear that phrase and it is true. Your beauty also shows from your compassion and kindness. However, you can take that advise a little more literal as well: your beauty comes from what you take inside your body. Depending on what you eat and drink, your appearance can improve or degrade.

To improve your appearance, the rule is simple: drink a lot of water and eat clean and balanced food. When we say water, we truly means water, not coffee or other beverages. Those beverages, even if they are liquid, but they are not substitute of water. Drink 8 glass of water every day in average, increase or decrease the number according to your body mass and activities you do on that day. If that is too much of water to intake, you can infuse them with fruit such as lemon, apple or kiwi to add some flavor.

Changing your diet into more plant-based food rather than animal-based food will help you to have glowing skin and better figure. Fruits and vegetables should always be present in your meal from today until the day of your wedding.

Start a fitness routine

A bride must be fit and healthy. When a bride is healthy, she will have naturally glowing skin, full and clear eyes and lively presence. To be fit and healthy, there is no cheating or shortcut other than exercising. Exercising is easy, but starting it is hard. However, you can use your wedding as the motivation for doing it. Imagine how wonderful you’ll look during your wedding if you only set aside 30 minutes every day to exercise.

There are many types of exercises. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, as long as you are able to maintain the routine of exercising every day, the result will show on your wedding day.

Take care of your mind

Wedding preparation is stressful. This stress can be hazardous to your experience as well. You may look troubled, tired and unenthusiastic if you don’t take care of your mind as well as you take care of your skin. Unwind from the stress every day by writing down your feeling on a book. This activity is called journaling and psychologist often advises this to their stressed patients. Beside it’s psychological benefit, this book can be your diary toward the wedding day and become a memento!
You can also spare some time to do meditation daily. Meditation helps your mind to calm down from the overload of information it receives in a day. After meditation, your thought will be more structured and tidy.

Book everything

This is time to book all the help you will need: from hair dresser, beautician, dermatologist and even henna artist if you want. Three months is a safe way to be able to book the service of your favorite professionals to help you in your wedding day. If they are particularly famous and popular, you may want to book up to six months before the wedding.

Beauty Tips for Bride 2 Month before Marriage

Two month before the big day is the time to get more technical! A month before you’ve been taking care of your body and mind in general, but these two months you’ll need to add some bridal beauty routine than your usual beauty routine.

Cleanse your face every day

Cleansing is a must. After a day of activities, your face have accumulated make up, sweat, dust and even bacteria that make your skin looks dull or even irritated. If you have sensitive skin, they can go worse with pimples sprouting on your face. Cleanse your face every day with make-up remover and end it with water to remove the make-up remover residue.

Moisturize your skin

The next step after cleansing is moisturizing. Your skin lost a lot of hydration during cleansing process, so you have to replenish it to keep your skin moist and supple. There are a lot of moisturizer out there, but choose a water-based one and keep it non-perfumed. Be generous when applying moisturizer.

Protect your skin

Moisturizing doesn’t protect your skin against ultraviolet, nasty dirt and pollution out there. Always put sunscreen as a layer of protection from ultraviolet that damages your skin and cancerous. Use sunscreen with minimal 30 SPF. You should never skip this beauty routine, especially if you’re the type that burns instead of tan.

Start a weekly special treatment

At least once a week, indulge yourself in a self care treatment, be it facial, spa or massage. Scrubbing and masking will get rid of skin problem that persist even after your daily routine. At home, you can use ingredients in the kitchen for this purpose from brown sugar, baking soda, milk, egg to various fruits.

If you got a skin problem that will not likely to go away with these bridal beauty routine, you will want to visit a dermatologist and get a treatment instead. Sometimes, skin problem is caused by not by your diet or your lack of skin care routine, but from a condition in your skin. Dermatologist will have a complete and more appropriate tools to take care of the problem than you at home.

Special Pre Wedding Skin Care Routine

You must keep the routine in the last step right until the wedding day. However, a few days before the W-day, there are some routine that you should do:

Bikini wax

You should get bikini wax at least two weeks before the wedding day. More than that and the hair may appear again at your wedding, less than that and you’ll be too sore!

Wash your hair

You should wash your hair the day before the wedding, and not the day of the wedding. This is because dirty hair can actually hold your hair style better, make it more durable. Of course, don’t let it be too dirty as well, because it may smell.


One day before the wedding, set aside a time for a massage. At that time, your stress may reach its peak. It will be nice, both for your mind and your body, to receive a massage before the big day.

Beauty Wedding Preparation for Indian Bride

Indian bride need to add one more routine to complete their appearance at wedding day: henna tattoo. Henna, also called mehendi, is tattooed on Indian brides’ hand and feet in a detailed and intricate design. The result is splendid.

Ideally, you should apply henna one or two days before the wedding day, as the henna will require time to dry. However, you should only apply henna after you’re done with waxing, because waxing can ruin the paint.

Because applying henna can take hours, make sure to always spare a special day for it, as well as pay attention to your comfort during the henna tattooing process.

So, how long is it before your wedding day? Three months? Two months? Have you done the routine we suggest above or do you have your own bridal beauty routine? Tell us your story below.

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