Young people want every aspect of their wedding function to be planned in their way. A wedding is more of self-expression nowadays rather than just a ceremony. Do you also want your wedding planning in your unique personal style? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The beauty lies in details! An unforgettable wedding ceremony is not achieved without you being cautious and selective about every aspect.

For your assistance, we bring you the 10 most important points of a wedding planning checklist. Go through them to make sure you are not missing out on anything.

1. Wedding Budget

After deciding overall budget, you should micromanage the expenses. Allocate the money to each part like decoration, food, wedding dress, etc. Try to be a little bit under your wedding budget but don’t go overboard. Decide beforehand that both families will split the bill in equal portions or in some other way.

2. Wedding Planner or DIY

If you want to plan your wedding on your own, beware it can be a daunting and overwhelming task at times. If you have backup support from your family, you can think about doing it yourself. Otherwise, you should hire a professional wedding planner.

3. Guest List in Advance

Planning the guest list should be the first step in your wedding planning. Your venue, catering orders, number of return gifts, and many other factors depend upon your guest list. However, it is advisable to keep the guest list short with closed ones invited.

4. Wedding Venue

The venue should represent your style. You can be a ballroom person or a nature lover. Go for whatever is your dream. Be it big banquet halls or lush green gardens, or a beach. But don’t forget to sync your dream venue with your wedding budget.

5. Photographer & Videographer

Your wedding pictures and videos will live on for generations to see. You should assign this task to someone who understands your preferences and can work accordingly. Randomly hiring the best in town or any professional in your budget is not a wise thing to do.

6. Wedding Attire

The wedding dress of the bride and groom looks good when they are synced together. You should feel comfortable and yourself in your wedding dress. Don’t forget to choose matching accessories with your dress.

7. Plan Your Music

If you are planning to book a musician or a DJ, do that in advance. These people’s date gets booked much in advance. Choose a musician or DJ whose music can be like a breath of fresh air for you during all the wedding chaos.

8. The Menu

Choose the cuisines you want to serve your guests and yourself. The live counters are what makes a wedding menu interesting. And you must ask your caterer to arrange testing for you before booking them for the big day.

9. Registered Marriage

Marriage registration formalities can be easily done at the same time. As it will be incorporated into the wedding planning itself. Afterwards, you both might get busy with your life. It will be a task to take out time separately for the paperwork.

10. Toss The Trends

Instead of following the ongoing trend, you should do things differently. Don’t follow celebrity weddings or fashion magazines blindly. Add your personal touch and make your wedding exclusive.

Parting Words

We covered some of the most critical factors of your wedding in our wedding planning checklist. We suggest you take the lead from here and add more points from your side. A comprehensive checklist will help you with efficient wedding planning under your wedding budget.

All the very best for your D-day!

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