Planning a wedding in your home is akin to having a fairy tale wedding. It’s a lot more personal and offers many possibilities.

The main plot twist is that it’s not easy to plan and execute a dream wedding in your home. However, with the help of a step-by-step approach, you can have a great wedding experience in your home.

In this article, you’ll know about the DIY method of having a picture-perfect home wedding. So, let’s begin!

Benefits of a home wedding

The benefits of having a home wedding are as follows:-

  • Cost-effectiveness  – Hosting your wedding at home can save a lot of your cash. As there are no venue rentals or hidden fees. You can use that money for the honeymoon or have a fine dinner after the wedding. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to do DIY decorations and have a great catering option by investing the money you saved.
  • Personalization – It’s time to say goodbye to the same format of weddings that you have been used to seeing! At home, you can personalize every little detail of the wedding. From the decor to the delicacies, you can decide on everything to have a customized wedding experience.
  • Great vibes – A wedding is the perfect time to experience a cosy atmosphere with your loved ones. With a home wedding, you will have only your family members and friends instead of strangers. Imagine the happiness you will feel when you exchange your vows only in the presence of the people who are the closest to you.
  • Flexibility rules –  Flexibility is crucial when planning your home wedding. Don’t abide by strict timelines or rules to follow. In a home wedding, you must enjoy it to the fullest with the party going on till early morning. It’s your home and your wedding, so you make the rules.
  • A lot of memories – In a home wedding, the memories made are a lot more as compared to when you have a destination wedding. It’s because every corner of your home has a special memory, and you get to relive all of that during the home wedding.
  • Comfort factor – Having a home wedding is a very comfortable option that you must opt for! The guests will also be in a laid back mood and won’t have to worry about unnecessary formalities to follow. They can just sit back, relax, and have a great experience at the wedding.
  • A lot of themes – There are many themes available for a home wedding that one can choose from. Some examples of such themes are rustic-chic, bohemian glam, garden affair, winter wonderland, etc.
  • No travel hassles – No need to worry about traveling to the wedding location or transporting your guests to the reception. When the wedding is happening in your home, guests can be a part of the festivities without any travel hassles.
  • Eco-friendly option – With the wedding happening in your home, it becomes an Eco-friendly option as compared to the traditional wedding. This will lessen your carbon footprint, and you can have a great wedding.
  • Explore your creativity – A home wedding can be an amazing avenue to explore your creativity. Whether you’re exploring the DIY approach or hiring vendors, be as creative as you can.

The planning and execution stages


Here’s what you need to do in the planning and execution stages:-

  • Finalize a date – Pick a date by discussing it with your partner. Factor in things like the total number of guests and any other event happening in the neighborhood to finalize the date.
  • Make a budget – Knowing how much you have to spend for the wedding beforehand will prove to be a major factor in saving costs. For this, you’ll have to make a proper budget. You can break down your budget into categories like food, decoration, and entertainment. Be practical and leave some extra cash for unexpected expenses.
  • Create a plan – Get inspiration for your home wedding from Pinterest, magazines, and wedding blogs. Make a full-fledged plan regarding the themes, colors, and elements you want for the wedding.
  • Assess your home – Have a look around your house and assess the available space. Look for the layout, capacity, and any logistical challenges you might face. Don’t forget to think about where you’ll host the wedding ceremony, reception, and other ceremonies. Also, factor in the space for guests where they can dance.
  • Get your home cleaned – For a DIY home wedding, ensure a clean and safe environment for your guests. In case, your home has the presence of mould, get the best mould removal services for it. Have professional cleaning staff to have a pristine house, fit for a wedding.
  • Hire a team and book your vendors – Start hiring an experienced team consisting of vendors and helpers. These folks are pretty busy during the wedding season, so book your vendors as soon as you can.
  • Choose a theme – Decide on a theme for your home wedding. Factor in things like the current season and your preferences to choose the perfect theme.
  • Make a guest list and send invitations – Deciding on the guest list is a task in itself, so don’t procrastinate on it. As soon as you finalize the guest list, start sending out the invitations to all the guests.
  • Plan your decor – It’s time to go into full DIY mode for decorating your home for the wedding! Explore different decor options and ideas to bring your dream wedding to life. Be as creative as you can and try to think outside the box.
  • Finalize the menu – Food is one of the main attractions of a wedding. Craft a menu according to your guests. Along with this, decide between a formal sit-down dinner or a casual buffet-style meal for your home wedding.


Opting for a home wedding offers many benefits as compared to a traditional or a destination wedding. You just need to plan and execute the home wedding to the best of your abilities. As a result, your wedding will become a lot more memorable than you had envisaged all along.

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