Wedding, a day when two people vow to be with each other for the rest of their lives. It is indeed one of the most special days for a couple. Therefore, they try to make the most out of it. Wedding day moments and memories are cherished by people throughout their marital journey regardless of how many years have passed or how many children they have made. Little moments spent together on that one special day are all that matters.

What makes a wedding special?

All brides and grooms wish to make this special day a memorable one. The struggle to make this happen involves a lot of tiny components that are to look over, first and foremost is the wedding theme. A wedding theme makes it easy for a couple to proceed with further choices. Choosing a theme is one of the most stressful jobs. After the theme, comes the venue, the food, the decoration, wedding invites, Special day dresses, etc. All these things together make a wedding day remarkable.

Why is it important to have a wedding theme?

Your wedding theme helps you make decisions. It is important because it lays the foundation of how all the other things would be like, at the wedding. From decoration details to the color of your wedding invites, from venues to honeymoon destinations, from food to all the other tiny details. These are chosen based on the theme of the wedding. All of these coordinated components come together on the event day, and together they define who you are.

How to select a wedding theme?

It is not always necessary to have an extraordinary wedding. A theme can be simple and sober too. It should just be the representation of your vision and style.

When planning your stylish wedding, consult wedding planners/event designers. Walk them through your wedding vision, make them understand what you exactly want, and let them do their magic. Theme selection gives you a kick start and makes it easy for you to handle the mountain of decisions regarding all the other details.

The Most Important Element; Wedding Invites:

After you have found your perfect wedding theme, the next step in line is the selection of your wedding invites. A wedding invitation gives the first impression of how your wedding would be like. Color-coordinated, stylish yet subtle wedding invites make the guest guess the theme of the wedding. Therefore, Invitation selection well-coordinated with the theme is another crucial step. Its main purpose is to inform your guests where and when you are getting married.

Wedding invitations set the tone:

Designing a wedding invite requires a lot of thought process and some extra effort. Some people do not pay much attention to this step. According to them, wedding invites are a waste of money. But, in reality, they set the tone of the event. It is not necessary to spend a big amount just on invitation letters for your big day. You can go a little lighter with this step.

Wedding Planners:

Wedding planners, the people who make your dream a reality on your big day. From wedding invitations to all the decorations, they take care of all the hassle. Keeping in mind the current trends, they come up with lots of ideas and suggestions to make it easier for you to choose your theme.

Particularly for wedding invitations, the following are the hot latest trends that would match the theme of your event and make your guests understand what to expect on the wedding day.

Hot wedding invitation trends and inspirations:

1. Marble Invitation Cards:

The old gray and white swirls of color which would resemble the actual marble stones are now being replaced by colorful tie-dye patterns. Original marble stone detailing has always been loved by people, but now they have started to personalize these patterns according to the color theme of the event. Marble stone symbolizes serenity and would perfectly go with any subtle wedding theme.

2. Geometric Invitation Cards:

They comprise a collection of basic shapes in different colors with any suitable graphics that work well together. Geometric patterns are the most common and lovable designs of all time. They come with unlimited options to choose from. Not every geometric design has to be complex, sometimes simple shapes with freely flowing lines also complement each other and might spice up the look of your invitation card. Hence, these kinds of designs are best suited for a pattern-loving couple.

3. Calligraphy Invitation Cards:

Calligraphy gives your invitation card a more realistic look. That machine made writing which looks much closer to a purely hand-written one, looks beautiful and gives a flawless finish to any invitation card. The beauty of calligraphy makes a person forget those floral motifs and geometrical patterns because calligraphy, itself, is unique and pure. Today, modern hands are trying out new ways of doing calligraphy and designing some incredible forms of writing.

4. Metallic Invitation Cards:

One of the soberest versions of invitation cards include the use of simple plain metallic colors. It brings a modern, soft vibe to your card. They are best to go with an antique, old-fashioned wedding theme.

5. Laser-cut Invitation Cards:

The customized machine cuts to achieve a pattern-based design is the newest trend. Laser-cut cards focus on the tiniest details making it all look perfectly aligned. They are well suited for any kind of wedding theme.

6. Watercolor Invitation Cards:

Softer versions of cuts, curves, and colors give an invitation card a very minimalistic look. When done with pastels to match the overall theme of the wedding, it gives a romantic touch to the invitation card. Bright hues can also be added to give a bold vibe. It all depends on how you would want it to be.

7. Velvet Invitation Cards:

Velvet is a three-dimensionally designed fabric that goes well with bold hues. The tones of colors and the silkiness of the fabric gives a fancier touch to the wedding invite. It is perfectly suitable for a couple who would want a decent romantic feel which would suit the overall theme of the wedding.

8. Floral Invitation Cards:

A traditional way of doing wedding themes is by adding a touch of floral patterns. Flowers add a sophisticated, trendy look depending upon how they are used. Floral artwork can be fun to play with. Designers have been adding some modern touches to floral invitation cards to make them look more appealing.

9. Boxed Invitation Cards:

If you are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on your invitation cards for your glamorous wedding theme, boxed invitation cards are a perfect choice. They give a fancy touch to your wedding, and this little touch would wow your guests. This not so pocket-friendly trend is common among people who prefer extravagant weddings.

10. Non-paper Invitation Cards:

It is one of the most popular trends which would continue for the next couple of years. The use of alternative materials instead of actual paper to design your invitation card makes a great impact on the guests. This idea might go out of your wedding budget but would also look aesthetically pleasing. If you have a tropical theme, then palm leaves would be the best alternative to emboss your invite on. If you have opted for an old rustic wedding theme, your invite can be printed on a piece of cloth. Hence, any material can be used to print the invite on if it complements your wedding theme.

When and where to order invitation cards?

Digital printing companies in Dubai are doing a great job of getting this task done at a reasonable price with top-notch quality.

The best time to order invitation cards is two to three months before the wedding date. This gives you more time to recheck them or make changes if required.


A wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. They plan for this one big day with all the enthusiasm and want it to be perfect. Couples invest their time and money in choosing the wedding theme, which is primarily the first major decision they make as partners.

A wedding theme is supposed to reflect your personality. It defines your style. It is important because it would make an impression in the mind of your guests, and they would remember it even after years.

Theme selection is followed by invitation card selection which is an essential step too. A wedding invite complements the overall wedding aesthetic. It includes all the relevant information about your big day, including date, day, time, dress code, etc. Several wedding invitation trends are popular these days, and all of them can be customized to go with the theme of your event. You can do all this on your own or hire some professional wedding planners to elevate the bar. This can be done very easily even if you are on a budget. All you need to do is to make plans, hire the professionals and let them do the job.

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