Your wedding is no more a reception than it is a party. In the end, you will want your guests to enjoy themselves and have a good time. However, sometimes for them, meeting new people are awkward. This can dampen the mood in your wedding if you don’t know how to handle it

Thankfully, wedding games and arcades are made exactly to solve that. Little game early in the reception will be the ice-breaker between those who share the same table yet know only a little about each other. Then, big game in the middle or the end of the reception will provide opportunity for the guests to mingle and get to know each other and, the most important, to have fun.

Games for wedding should be easy so all of the guests can follow and fun so they can enjoy it. What are the right games that will make the guests excited? Here are 15 wedding games and wedding arcades that will liven up your guests.

  1. Giant Jenga: Now, who doesn’t love jenga? The thrill as one pull that one block, afraid it will pull the rest down, is simply addicting. You can buy a giant jenga in the toy store. However, if they are still not big enough for you (or cheap enough), make your own giant jenga using shoe boxes. Even if the size doesn’t match with each other, let them. It’s part of the thrill. Wrap the boxes with the same paper, arrange them, and put them in the wedding area.
  2. Truth or Dare: In the reception desk, put two jars. A jar for Truth, containing rolled paper with question your guest must answer truthfully. Have a chalkboard next to the board for them to write the answer and stick their question. Another jar is for the Dare, containing challenges your guest must do during the wedding. Of course, make the dare fun and harmless – like “introduce yourself to someone you don’t know today” or “congratulate the couple using MC’s microphone”. For every challenge completed, the guest can take a special muffin or a special delicacy.
  3. I Spy: I spy is really popular nowadays. Give your guest a paper containing objects they have to find around the area and ask them to take photo of those things. Their photo then can be shared in their social media using hashtag you’ve made before (make sure to write the hashtag on the paper!). Some of fun things to lists are:
    –    The bride
    –    The groom
    –    The bride and the groom
    –    The guest
    –    Guests kissing
    –    Guests hugging
    –    And so forth.
  4. Guess Who?: Make a list of fun fact about either of you or your spouse. Print it on papers and give them to your guests in the receptionist desk or put them on the table. Ask them to guess which fact belongs to whom. In the end of the reception, ask them to turn the paper and those who gets them all right will receive a prize.
  5. Giant Board Games: Dedicate a part of your wall to mount up a giant board game – either scrabble or checkers or connect four. If you have outdoor venue, simply make a standing board beforehand. It is essential for the size to be big – so even those sitting in the back can enjoy watching the game. Board game is can keep even the lazy ones in their toes from the thrill.
  6. Ring Toss: Ring toss is crowd favorite and it is really easy to prepare. Just find some glass bottles. If they don’t really look good, spray paint them. Find some plastic bracelets as well. Next, you’ll have to look for a flat area where you can put the bottles in various positions. Put the plastic bracelets on a bucket next to the bottle and the guests will play the game.
  7. Put a Ring on It: In the receptionist desk, place a jar full of plastic ring. Write down the following rule on the card or board next to it:
    a.    Take one ring
    b.    Don’t say “wedding” and “bride” (the word doesn’t have to be wedding or bride, just choose any word you want, really)
    c.    Take ring from those who does
    The one with the most rings in the end of the reception wins.
  8. Fold the Fingers: Let MC take the lead of the game. Now, everyone starts by raising their hand, open palm. The MC then will read a fact. If the fact applies to someone, he or she will have to fold one of his or her fingers. He or she will lose when all of their fingers are folded.
    Some facts to read:
    –    I’ll fold my finger if I am a man
    –    I’ll fold my finger if I am over 30
    –    I’ll fold my finger if I have kids
    –    and so forth
  9. Darts: Darts is always fun to play, no matter where you are. Have an area specified for playing darts. Decorate the dartboard and the darts themselves with ribbon or flowers to add the vibe that this is wedding game. Tournament can be held for guests who don’t know each other yet to be an ice breaking.
  10. Bean Bag Toss: Bean bag toss is another classic lawn game. Simply prepare three buckets and put them in various lengths from where the player stands. Place sands of beans next to the player, and then the player have to throws the bag into the bucket. The farthest bucket will give more point compared to the much closer one.
  11. Bowling: Bowling is another crowd favorite because it is a familiar spot. To have a bowling arena in your house, you really don’t have to buy the ball and any other else. First, you will need to clear an area specifically for make-shift bowling lane. To reduce the cost, if you don’t have any bowling pin, rather than buy new, better use painted glass bottles. The ball used for the bowling is not bowling ball either.
  12. Hit the Can: With this game, your guests will be reminded of the festival they probably like so much in their childhood. Hit the can usually is the most popular game, with people trying to win as much prize as possible. If you want to have this game in the wedding, it’s really simple. All you have to do is find a table to hold the can in place. Next, you spray painted the can to make them look prettier and put them like a pyramid on the table. Simply put several tennis ball in a basket next to it, and your guests will get the hint.
  13. Wedding Bingo: This is another popular game for indoor game. In the receptionist desk on in their seat, put a sheet contained of bingo about your wedding. Some ideas on what to write on the bingo is:
    –    The bride and the groom kiss
    –    Meeting old friend
    –    Eating chicken
    –    And so forth.

By the end of the ceremony, those that manage to cross a bingo on the paper will receive a prize.

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