You want your wedding to be unique and memorable, but you can’t find enough idea? Do the ideas from the wedding magazine you subscribed is out of budget range or simply not interesting? Maybe you want to look for ideas from other sources then. If you do, then take a look at Pinterest.

This curating site has a lot of ideas about wedding to implement. However, sometimes the vast ideas overwhelm you, because as much as fun it is to scroll over thousands – probably millions – pictures of wedding ideas, it’s impossible to implement them all.

We have chosen 13 unusual wedding ideas from Pinterest to save you the time. Check them out below.

  1. Starry Night Wedding:This idea is absolutely beautiful. We can’t get our eyes off the board simply to appreciate the aesthetic. The wedding will be held at night (obviously). You can choose the venue to be outdoor or indoor – but if it is the latter, make sure to cover the ceiling with dark blue fabric. After that, the point is the abundance of star-shaped lamps hanged on the ceiling or trees. If you have outdoor venue, use strings to connect one tree to another, crisscrossing above the venue. Hang the stars or lamps on the strings to make it looks like a roof.
  2. Forest Wedding: Who doesn’t want to exchange vow right under the roof of Mother Nature? The key of forest wedding is to pick the right venue that provides forest. Pick those that will have enough space to accommodate your guest. Use branches and leaves to decorate the table and reception. The color schemes to implement in this wedding will range from light green to teal. Apply them in the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses, tablecloths, and centerpieces.
  3. Camping Wedding: For adventurer couples, this idea will be very appealing. Using camping as the main theme, you will need to choose outdoor venue. Built a tent and light a lamp inside to be the backdrop of the venue. Choose barbeque as the main course, followed by roasting marshmallow together on the bonfire. By the end of the event, you can have dance around the bonfire along with all the guests. It will be the most festive wedding.
  4. Nautical Wedding: This is no less stunning than other ideas. With navy blue being the primary colors, this theme is perfect for a couple who love sea, or meet on the sea, or working on the sea. The key is the navy blue color wore by the bridesmaids and the groom. Complement the blue with grey to get the wonderful color combination. Another point is to have seashells as decoration. Apply the seashells generously on the invitation, centerpieces, or even the theme for the cake. For the catering menu, seafood will be most suitable, but keep the option open for those who don’t like seafood by providing crowd pleaser like salmon.
  5. Winter Wonderland Wedding: Are you planning to have a wedding in the cold season? No worry, your wedding will still stun people. The color schemes in winter wonderland themed wedding will range from white to light blue to dark blue – combined with generous amount of light and crystal decoration. Hang snowflakes paper and crystal beads from the ceiling to give impression like your guests are in your snow kingdom.
  6. Beach Wedding: Make your wedding one of a kind by celebrating it on the beach. With warm sands under your feet and the sound of waves as the background music, this wedding will not be forgotten by your guests anytime soon. Sand will be the primary color together with turquoise or aquamarine. Key decoration will include seashells, starfish-shaped decoration, and broken branches you often found on the beach.
  7. Plum and Lilac Wedding: People take it as the custom that wedding should be white. But why should it? This plum and lilac wedding will prove you that purple as a color is as dignified as purple.  Let the bridesmaid will wear plum or lilac. Add the touch of purple on the groom’s tie as well. Use lilac couch instead of the usual wooden benches to add color and comfort for your venue. As plum and lilac color is rather hard to find naturally, request the signature cocktail to be purple, or simply serve red wine.
  8. Monochrome Wedding: Monochrome sounds boring for you? Well, check this pin first before you decide. In fact, grey and white make an elegant and modern color combination that isn’t slightly boring. Instead of assigning a single color for your bridesmaids, why don’t have them come up with various shades of grey. The addition of grey in invitation cards, centerpieces, and decoration will strengthen the modern vibe in this wedding as well.
  9. Greenery Wedding: This is the latest wedding trend of 2017. Couples seem to be fond of the combination of white and green mix, and they have a reason for that. The color combination looks very natural yet elegant. Use white as the primary color: for the wedding dress, tablecloth, drapes, and wedding cake. Use various shades of green – preferably with shades of grey instead of vivid green or light green – as the secondary color.
  10. Maple Wedding: Just look at how warm this wedding looks! Boasting color scheme of yellow, orange, and red – the color of autumn – this wedding seems bolder than the usual pastel and white wedding. You can choose outdoor venue and exchange your vow under maple leaves, or bring the maples inside with orange decorations such as pumpkin or marigold. Fire is another element that matches the color scheme. You can add the element of fire on candles, bonfire, or the most exciting – fireworks.
  11. Burgundy Wedding: Sometimes maple can be too overwhelming for autumn wedding, especially if you are more of a quiet personality. In that case, burgundy wedding is perfect for you. The color still fits autumn season, but more quiet and more elegant. The key is to combine, burgundy, brown, and off white. Use white as the primary color, then burgundy and brown as the secondary. You can apply the burgundy color on the groom’s suit, bridesmaid’s dresses (in lighter shade), flower, ribbons, drapes, and wedding cakes.
  12. Travel Wedding: If you and your lover are a travel aficionado, you definitely want to have this theme. There is no color scheme for this theme, although blue seems appropriate to represent ocean. The key is to play with the decoration. Use globes for the centerpiece in each table. In the corner, put vintage travel suitcases along with several world maps drapes on top of them. For the wedding favors, why not give them postcards from various countries in the world?
  13. Bohemian Wedding: If you want to have a unique and cozy wedding, this is the theme you are looking. The key is to set a big outdoor tent that will fit all of your guests – so this is perfect for small and intimate wedding. Lay a warm and soft carpet on the ground and throw a lot of pillows – size and design don’t matter. What you need to pay attention to is the color. Red and gold are the boho color. Have your guest sit on the low couches as the feast is served.

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