Having a perfect wedding is something many people dream of. While the most important part of a wedding is marrying the person that you want to love forever, a big part of creating the perfect wedding is the venue and coordinating decorations.

These details — starting from the wedding stationery and continuing all the way through the accent wall at the reception — come together to create the perfect scene to commemorate your love.

Here are 10 unique and creative wedding accent walls you should consider for your big day:

1. Chalkboard Wall

Having a chalkboard wall is great for people who want to add a rustic touch to their big day. A chalkboard wall can be used for writing a beautiful, hand-written calligraphy quote to describe the couple and their love or to allow wedding guests to write small notes to the newlyweds. If you want to elevate the chalkboard theme, you can easily find chalkboard accented table number cards to match, making the décor both efficient and charming.

2. Donut Wall

For the couple who wants to have a fun and unique wedding or just wants to showcase their love for the sweet confection of donuts, there’s always the option of creating a quirky and fanciful donut accent wall.

The process of making a donut wall isn’t hard, but it’s definitely one those accents that requires a bit of extra time and effort to get right. A wall that’s covered with delicious donuts makes for some memorable pictures and even sweeter memories.

3. Flower Wall

One of the most beautiful and elegant wedding accents is a flower wall. Flower walls are perfect as a base you can match to your table flowers and other floral complements around the venue. You can even take it one step further and set the design and colors of the flower wall to match the flowers on the wedding invitations that were sent earlier. Keeping a sense of consistency and coordination throughout the different days and events creates a cohesive overall impression that’s beautiful and well-planned.

4. Balloon Wall

A balloon wall is probably one of the easiest to set up. All you need is a bag of balloons, an air pump and some sort of wall to stick them to. A balloon wall is a great option because it’s easy to put up and even easier to take down.

You can create colorful designs or stick with monochromatic or gold/silver balloons to create a classic balloon wall. You can even hand-paint the balloons to say something special for your guests to take home or just for the day itself as a personal touch.

5. Polaroid Picture Wall

For the couple who wants to remember their past together and share their memories with their closest family and friends on their wedding day, a Polaroid picture wall is an excellent option. There are a few different ways to tackle this. You can use actual Polaroids that you and your partner took during different stages in your relationship, or you could use regular pictures that you developed and printed as well.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a Polaroid image to capture the sentiment behind it. Simply use wooden clips or paper clips to hang the pictures along rows of string or colored wire, and you’re done! You can even ask a bridesmaid or usher to add a few Polaroid pictures from that day to bring the whole thing together.

6. Acrylic Beads Wall

If you’re planning an evening affair or reception, consider using an acrylic bead wall as a backdrop. Because night events tend to go on longer than daytime ones, professional planners are always big on using the right lighting.

This type of accent wall adds some sparkle to the venue and lights up the night with festive and glamorous beads. Plus, a bead backdrop is relatively affordable and looks great in pictures, as it catches the light well. Including small details that add more sparkle, like foiled wedding place cards, continues the festive theme and keeps the champagne flowing and the party going well past sunset.

7. Foliage Wall

For something that’s on the more elegant side, you can design a foliage wall, which is a little different from a flower wall in the sense that a foliage wall includes grass, shrubs and even succulents along with flowers to make a vertical garden of sorts. It’s also easier to arrange a foliage wall because you can reuse some of the flowers left over from a bridal shower.

If you love the idea of having a foliage wall but don’t want to spend a lot of money on creating a big wall for the wedding, consider making a smaller foliage wall for a bridal shower. A foliage wall makes the perfect accent to a small party and can be used to continue the common theme from the bridal shower invitations.

8. Lighted Wall

When your wedding vision includes a whimsical and softly glowing look, you can easily arrange for a lighted wall. These walls are very popular, and while they come in all sorts of colors, a white or ivory colored wall is a common choice. Finding the supplies for a DIY lighted wall is easy — you can use string lights from a home décor store — but getting the placement right can be tricky. You’ll want to make sure the lights from the backdrop don’t interfere with the lights of the venue and cast shadows on people.

Once you get the setup correct, your guests are sure to remember the beautiful twinkling lights. You can also easily find thank-you cards that have bright lights or stars on them to keep those memories alive.

9. Espalier Wall

One of the trickier but most creative accent walls you can include in your wedding is one with an espalier design.

This technique basically involves following a method of growing plants and shrubs in a certain way to form a design or pattern by tying off or cutting certain parts of the plants. This takes a bit more work and time, but the end result is simply stunning. It’s a beautiful way to showcase a love that’s unique and classy, just like you.

10. Curtain Wall

If you have an eye for design, try creating your own curtain wall for your wedding. This is a great option as an accent wall because not only is it reusable, but it’s also quite affordable. You don’t need expensive curtains to pull this off; even average bedroom curtains can get the job done.

What really matters with this wall is how you arrange and drape the curtains into a neat and graceful design. While setup takes a considerable amount of time, taking everything down is definitely a lot easier and faster.

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