Engagement Ring Ideas

Breast of young bride dressed in wedding dress with engagement ring in hands with diamond

Engagement means one step closer to marriage. It is the first formal tie for your relationship. This important event can’t be separated with one object that symbolizes this tie: the engagement ring. It will be one of the most sacred item you ever own. Later you will show this ring to your children as you tell them how their father …

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9 Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Wedding Ideas on a Budget

Wedding is by no mean cheap. After all, you’re throwing a big feast for your guest – a complete set meal from appetizer to dessert. Not only that, the venue cost, attire, and other expenses like photographer and wedding favors – together they will cost you a fortune. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a wedding if you …

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13 Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

Wedding Ideas from Pinterest

You want your wedding to be unique and memorable, but you can’t find enough idea? Do the ideas from the wedding magazine you subscribed is out of budget range or simply not interesting? Maybe you want to look for ideas from other sources then. If you do, then take a look at Pinterest. This curating site has a lot of …

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15 Ideas for Wedding Reception

Ideas for Wedding Reception

After the sacred marriage ceremony, finally it’s time for wedding reception. While it is definitely less formal than the ceremony, it is not less important. Wedding reception is the part when you and your guests celebrate your union and have fun together. It is the part that everybody will remember. Unlike ceremony that can hardly be customized, reception is the …

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15 Wedding Ideas for Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter used to be the least favorite season for couples to tie their knot. The cold weather is off-putting and impractical, not to mention that there is not much scenery to see during winter. However, that’s not the case nowadays. With the right management and technology, both cold weather and bleak scenery are no longer becoming problem for wedding ceremony. …

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15 Ideas for Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding

Your wedding will be much more memorable when you embrace the season. Adapting the current season to your concept will make your wedding looks well-prepared and beautiful, not to mention meaningful. Among the four seasons, spring wedding is the more popular concept because everybody likes the warmth and the freshness of the atmosphere – the sunlight, the chirping birds, and …

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