Winter used to be the least favorite season for couples to tie their knot. The cold weather is off-putting and impractical, not to mention that there is not much scenery to see during winter. However, that’s not the case nowadays. With the right management and technology, both cold weather and bleak scenery are no longer becoming problem for wedding ceremony.

In fact, more and more couples prefer to have winter wedding. There is something sacred to hold a wedding when the world is the most white. The whiteness adds purity and innocence to the wedding atmosphere. Even the cold weather becomes the best reason for the couple to warm themselves with their love.

Are you as captivated to winter wedding as us? If you do and wish to hold your own wedding, read on. We have collected 15 ideas for winter wedding for you to apply at your own wedding.

  1.  Properly Heated Indoor Venue
    The first problem you have to address in winter wedding is the low temperature. You don’t want your guests to freeze during the most celebrated event in your life. So, make sure that the venue of your wedding is properly heated. Indoor venue for winter wedding is preferable, because the wall will shield your guests from snow, rain, or even wind. Even indoor, you can still be able to recreate the white winter scenery using decoration. The first priority is to make sure the people in your wedding are warm.
  2. White Color Scheme
    Half of the reason why winter wedding is so appealing is the associated white color. White reflects purity and innocence – the color that is so often chosen to represents the bride. Not to mention, color white gives you elegant and sophisticated atmosphere compared to the freshness of pastel and vivid color of summer or to the warmth of red and brown color of autumn. If white is too bland for you, you can choose silver instead. Of course, combine it with other color of your choice – brown and green seems the most appropriate winter color to go with white.
  3. Tree Branch as Centerpiece
    Indoor venue doesn’t mean indoor look. Bring the stunning winter scenery inside by putting a barren tree branch as the centerpiece. You can have a tall tree to put in the middle of the hall or several smaller trees in the corners. Decorate them with handcrafted art of your choices. They can be paper lampions, paper cranes, or even your pre-wedding photos.
  4. Greeneries as Decoration
    The trend in 2017 for winter wedding seems to lean toward a mix of white and green. Indeed, the two colors combination is very pretty. You can prepare tall glasses as vases, but instead of putting flowers inside, put the tip of pine trees. They will make the most extraordinary centerpiece for each of the table. To add the beauty, place another glass with candles inside.
  5. Pinecone as Decoration
    If autumn has maple, then winter has pinecone. This small piece of plant looks unique and beautiful. They will definitely add the winter vibes in your wedding. They will look the best as decoration for your reception desk. Simply scatter them on the white tablecloth or find a fancy glass jar and fill it with them.
  6. White and Long-sleeved Long Dress
    To add the elegance, wear a white and long-sleeved long wedding dress. Not only they will keep you warm, they make you look poised and stylish. Long-sleeved long dress may sound boring, but you can play with the design on the collar, sleeves, or the skirt. You can play with laces and embroidery as well. Veil will make a splendid look as well.
  7. Dark Blue or Light Blue for Bridesmaid
    Aside from brown and green, there is another color that matches really well with winter: blue. A row of blue in the right and left of the bride will make her totally stand out and shine. Any blue will do, depends on the preference of the bride herself. Dark blue will be a splash of interesting color in the otherwise calm white and therefore will help the bride to direct the attention to herself. Meanwhile light blue will blend nicely with the surrounding without disturbing the color scheme.
  8. Bold Bouquet
    Now after you have white on the decoration and appearance, it’s time to add the bold color. Your flower bouquet is the best place to put this color, because they are small enough not to disturb the harmony between the primary color of white and the secondary color of your choice. Pick flower with bold color like red roses. Another choice would be blue hydrangea. The big size of the flower will compensate for the paler color.
  9. Greeneries and Pinecone Cake
    Have a tall traditional white wedding cake, but add the winter feeling by throwing decoration from the nature: greeneries and pinecone. They will make the cake look exceptionally elegant. If you prefer to have real food as the decoration, then why don’t request pinecone-shaped chocolate from your baker?
  10. Warm Beverages Bar
    With chilly weather outside, it’s reasonable to serve warm beverages. Have a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. For the non-alcoholic one, you can’t go wrong with chocolate, with addition of sugar or milk on the side. For the alcoholic beverage, people will like anything to do with apple cider.
  11. Warm Appetizer
    Appetizer too, needs to be warm. Choose something thick and hot. Creamy zuppa soup can be your first choice. Not only it is warm and tasty, it looks pretty and the experience of eating it will be pleasant for the guests as well. Other options will be macaroni and cheese, consommé, or tomato soup.
  12. Hearty Main Course
    During winter, poultry and meat will warm your body, so add them to the menu. Chicken or turkey will be a crowd closer, as well as lamb or veal cutlet. Serve them warm, because that’s the point of food in winter. For vegetarian options, have roasted vegetables and vegetable soup ready as well.
  13. Gooey and Melting Dessert
    What’s better than ending winter meal with sweet things that melt just right in your mouth? In winter, your guests won’t really crave for ice cream. Instead, prepare lava cake of various tastes – chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, or even green tea. They will look pretty from the color while they are displayed on the bar, and will taste heavenly.
  14. Bit-sized Cake as Wedding Favors
    Winter is really the time for food because people need to keep themselves warm. Prepare bit-sized cake as wedding favor. Some options will be muffin, macaron and chocolate-truffles. Wrap them in a white box with brown ribbon to add the winter feeling. You can custom made the box with your own word of thank you.
  15. Jazz or Classic for the Music
    Secure the elegant ambience of your winter wedding with the appropriate music. If your venue has a piano, hire a pianist to play classical pieces. And if piano is not enough, hire a quartet instead of band to play jazz or classic. They will truly make your wedding memorable.

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