Your wedding will be much more memorable when you embrace the season. Adapting the current season to your concept will make your wedding looks well-prepared and beautiful, not to mention meaningful.

Among the four seasons, spring wedding is the more popular concept because everybody likes the warmth and the freshness of the atmosphere – the sunlight, the chirping birds, and the smell of recently bloomed flowers. Not only that, spring wedding symbolize a new life, an emerging hope after a long period of coldness.

Sometimes, however, people think that any wedding is just a wedding, without paying attention to the season. While in fact, you can take advantages of the season to make the most of your wedding. So, how can you take advantage of spring to make your wedding memorable?

Here are 15 ideas for spring wedding that you can adopt easily.

  1. Outdoor Location – The most notorious difference between winter and spring is the temperature. So, take advantage of the newly emerging warmth and choose an outdoor location for your wedding. If you are concerned about the weather, you can opt for semi-outdoor venue or even indoor with tall, big windows with a view of flower garden.
  2. Thin, Airy Wedding Dress – Another way to take advantage of the warm weather is by wearing thin and airy wedding dress. You don’t have to worry anymore about your legs freezing in the warm weather of spring. Furthermore, the spring wind will make your dress flutter and ripple beautifully. Thin and light wedding dress will gives a fresh vibe that goes really well with the spring.
  3. Pastel Dresses for Bridemaids – Spring is about pastel, because this is the time for the flowers with their pastel colors to bloom. That’s why, it is appropriate to dress your own bridesmaid in these blooming flowers color. Pale pink and baby blue are the classic colors, but if they are too boring for you, you can have any color you want. Pastel violet, cream, and peach goes really well for a spring wedding.
  4. Pastel Colored Flower Bouquet – This time, it’s time to pluck real flowers for your flower bouquet. In spring, this is not a hard task at all. After all, all the flowers are blooming at this time of the year. You can pink a singular color, double color, or even mixed color for the flower bouquet – they will be all equally pretty, with the spring in the air.
  5. Freshly Cut Flower for Centerpieces – Flower isn’t only appropriate for bouquet, but for the centerpieces on the tables and on various surfaces such as buffet table, side table, or receptionist table. For centerpiece on the table, you don’t have to pick the same flower for every single of table. In fact, the more varieties you have, the more beautiful the whole venue will be.
  6. Flowery Wedding Invitation – Communicate your spring flower to your guests as early as possible by choosing flowery wedding invitation. It’s not hard to do because flower is the most common design for wedding invitation. To make yours more unique, you can play with the color, textures, and words on the invitation.
  7. Pastel Color Scheme – Spring is soft and light, and so is pastel color. Pastel colors are solid color infused with white pigment so the color will appear softer. Pastel colors are very soothing in the eyes and it brings calmness and light feeling. Applying this color scheme to your wedding will solidify its spring feeling.
  8. Flowery or Fruity Cake – Wedding cake for spring wedding must be as beautiful as the season. I would suggest a detailed flowery decoration to commemorate the spring, or if flower is too usual for your liking, you can try to add fruity decoration instead. Scatter black berries and red berries on the cake, and add oranges and kiwis as well to add more colors.
  9. Plant Seed for Wedding Favor – What is a little thing that is both meaningful and useful for your guests? Why, it’s none other than plant seeds. You can give every guest a small bag of seed, contained in a small handcrafted pouch. This favor has a spring spirit in itself: it signifies a new life. Is there any other favor more appropriate than this? I don’t think there is, except only one below.
  10. Little Plant for Wedding Favor – This is the only thing that can rival plant seed for wedding favor: a little plant in a little container, one for a guest. Not only this is still spring-appropriate, but this is very pretty as well. You can choose either flowery plants or herbs, put in small container. Now, there is no need to worry that the seed won’t get planted, because they already are.
  11. Lemony or Berry Dessert Bar – Dessert goodness in spring will be sweet and fresh, instead of extra sweet like dessert of autumn and winter. Pick lemony or berry flavored dessert, such as lemon pie, waffle with fruit toppings, or even berry ice cream. Pastel colored macarons or donuts will look extremely pretty as well.
  12. Cool Alcohol and Lemonade Bar – Beverages in spring need to be cool and fresh, to accommodate the warming temperature. Serve both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, like lemonade. Pick a signature cocktail for the alcoholic beverages, preferably those that use a lot of fruits in fusion. Meanwhile, for the lemonade, you can serve them with various fruit infused inside. Not only they will give interesting drinking experience, when they are line up in the bar, they will look pretty as well.
  13. Easter Inspired Appetizer – What is the significance holiday in spring? Yup, that’s Easter. You can take inspiration from this holiday to raise the appetite of your guest before the main course is served. There are a lot of egg dish you can make, from egg Benedict, baked egg with various spring vegetables, or even egg bruschetta. If that’s too boring, you can make quail egg and serve them in a spoon, an egg for a spoon. They taste and look amazing.
  14. Herb-rich Main Course – Main course for spring is preferably lighter to compensate the warm weather – unlike the hearty cuisine people will prefer in winter. Choose the crowd pleasure menu – chicken or fish – but serve them with a generous amount of fresh herbs to infuse the spring taste. The popular herbs that give ‘spring’ aroma are rosemary, mint, and basil. You can also marinade them with tangy lemon to boost the fresh taste.
  15. Fruit Bar – Give a color boost and health boost on your overall spring catering menu with a fruit bar. Dedicate a table for assortment of fruits in various colors. Make sure you have dark colored fruit such as grapes, blueberry, or blackberry. Continued with red colored fruit like strawberry and raspberry, then followed with yellow colored fruit like banana and citrus. You can add greens on the bar with the help of kiwis.

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