Most people just take wedding guest book for granted. However, it’s important for your documentation. It can be your souvenir and memory of one of your happy days. We usually come across some conventional guest books, with list template in it. Well, do you think that it’s like accounting book instead of book for a wedding day?

If you want your wedding to become memorable, you had better look at these marvelous wedding guest book ideas. This article provides anti-mainstream ideas of wedding guest books. The good news is that you can made it by yourselves. It’s economical and ecentric at the same time. Okay, let’s check them out.

  1. Shadowbox Art Theme: You can choose the heart-shaped wood to be your guest book. Your guests simply need to sign the wood and drop it into a shadowbox. The typical color of this box is blue, but you can create your own shadowbox with your favorite color. You can also choose any other shape of the wooden fragments or you can mix various shapes. It will make your guest book more artsy.
  2. Monogram Art Print: You can create any print on the monogram. The recent trend the couple’s fingerprints. You can also create other art print like abstract or leave theme. Just provide sufficient space on the paper for the guests to sign. If you use vintage paper, it will be better. You can also make vintage paper by yourself, for instance, by dip the paper into a glass of black coffee.
  3. Game Board Theme: You can modify any game board you used to play with your mates. Game board theme for wedding guest book is really unique and unforgettable. There are some choices of game boards, like monopoly, puzzle pieces, jenga blocks, crosswords theme, and so on. Make it colorful and you can put some photographs of you and your best friends there too.
  4. Postcard theme: This may be a bit complicated. On your wedding day, make the guests fill in and sign some postcards. Shortly after the wedding day, ask your parents or relatives to send the postcards to your new address. It’s like having letter from old friends and it’s unique. Don’t forget to bind the postcards so you can look at them whenever you want.
  5. Vintage Map theme: You can choose if it will be a map or atlas. You can create your own map too. Think about Tolkien’s Middle Earth map. You can, for instance, make a mini map of your guests’ address. Then, they can sign on the destined direction. You can frame it after your wedding day and make it a wall decoration in your room. So epic.
  6. Chalkboard Painted Globe: Another map-themed wedding guest book idea is chalkboard painted globe. It is so unique and will attract every guest to sign upon it. Like the map, you can make the globe as a trinket or accessories to your interior design. It’s cute, isn’t it?
  7. Recycled Wine Bottles: Another economical yet classic wedding guest book idea is by using unused wine bottle. You can stick a plain label or label with slight printing to be signed by guests. Another idea is that the guests may sign directly on the glass by using sharpie or permanent markers. It will be unique and you can use the signed bottles as flower vase.
  8. DIY Scrapbook: There are two options. The first is by using polaroid camera so that the guests can take picture of you, then they attach it on a provided scrapbook. They can add any comment and create any graffiti in the scrapbook as well. Another alternative is by providing a blank scrapbook and colorful pen so that the guests can scribble out in it. It will be memorable guest book ever.
  9. Advice Coasters: Provide blank coasters for your guests on your wedding day. Make them sign in them and put some advice, wish, greetings, or even random comment. If you want more durable mark, use strong marker so the writing will not easily dissolve. You can use the coasters interchangeably during your newlywed months or year. It is also okay if you just want to keep them to for recalling.
  10. The Sweetest Dictionary: It’s another tricky and rather complicated wedding guest book idea. This dictionary-themed guest book is best suited for nerdy couples with mutual nerdy guests. Or a couple of librarians and bookish. Something like that. To make it more interesting you must make it full color. Prepare some colorful list of words then make your guests circle each word best describing the two of you. They may add special notes on the margin as well.
  11. Recycled Vinyl: You may use old record vinyl to used as signing platform. It’s not only economical, but also unique. After that, you can either keep it as memorabilia or make it as wall accessories. Make sure that the marker you use is in good quality so it will be durable.
  12. Mad Libs: It’s fun to see your guests filling out simple mad lib quizzes. You can make it colorful and the guests are free to fill in the blank spaces. This wedding guest book idea is for people who are used to writing and something like that. However, the theme will be tedious if you put too serious quiz to your mad libs.
  13. Guided Questions: You can also create funny and crazy questions to your guests. Make them fill in some mini quiz and then hand them in as they finish. This kind of theme is best suited if you and your guests know each other very well. It’s great for year book and memorabilia because you may find some unexpected answers from the guests.
  14. Customized trinkets: You can buy some random trinkets like decorative Christmas ball or stars, small pupet, sculpturem or china, then ask your guests to sign them with colorful markers and sharpie. It will be fun both for the guests and wedding couple.
  15. Guests’ Date Idea: You can asks the guests to list some idea for your honeymoon or dating nights as newlyweds. It will be fun and probably some of the tips will work to you. They can suggests some menus for diner, travel tips, best dresses for holiday, or even the name of your future kids.So, have you decided which one of those ideas you will use? You can combine one wedding guest book idea with another. With a little touch of creativity, your wedding guest book will be interesting and wonderful.**

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