Wedding Photography Guide: 5 Tips to Cover the Big Day


Wedding photography involves capturing the most memorable moments of a wedding celebration using techniques from documentary photography and portrait photography to capture special moments featuring the bride and groom, their family members, the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and other guests. This type of photography may also include shooting the events leading up to the wedding ceremony. Whether you are a beginner or …

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What Should Be On My Wedding To Do List?


There are so many things that you need to have organised for your big day, from big things such as the venue down to smaller details like the table decorations. It’s easy to feel overawed by the amount of things that you need or want to do for your big day, and you might even have a pang of doubt …

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Tips To Keep in Mind While Hair Styling for Wedding


Even if you think that you have planned the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day, we recommend that you go through our tips. Why? A wedding is no ordinary day, meaning that you must look your stunning best. A small mistake can result in a bad hair day, ruining your perfect day. Secondly, everyone around you will be giving wedding …

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Groom Preparation for Wedding


So, are you one of the happiest men on earth because you’re going to have your wedding sometime soon? If you are, let me offer you my congratulation. However, at the same time I want to offer you my sympathy, because a groom-to-be, while he is the happiest man, probably he is also the most stressed man. Preparing a wedding …

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Dance Floor Hire and other things you need for your wedding marquee


With all of the work that goes into arranging your wedding, it’s no wonder that some things end up being overlooked; after all, you have to arrange absolutely everything: the dress, the venue, the catering and so on. With this guide, ‘dance floor hire and other things you need for your wedding marquee’, you can make sure that you have …

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9 Things Not to DIY for Your Wedding

Weddings can be expensive — in truth, very expensive. So, it’s no surprise that frugal and canny couples look for ways to save money where they can. The multitude of online tutorials and do-it-yourself wedding ideas may encourage you to consider ditching the professional help and planning it yourself. There are certainly some aspects of a wedding that you can …

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