Weddings are memorable, beautiful, and sometimes stressful events. There are so many directions a couple can go in when they’re trying to plan the perfect day. When everything is said and done, it’s usually the little things that folks walk away with. How lovely the live band was for cocktail hour, those childhood photos of the happy couple as a part of the table settings, or unique rings that are anything but cliche.

Life is made up of the little things, and so will your big day. Here are five little changes you can make for a massive difference in your wedding.

Puzzle Your Guests

There are so many personal touches you can add to your wedding. One that we really love will make your guests put on their thinking cap during cocktail hour (while you are busy getting those very important wedding photos). Design a crossword puzzle based around facts and stories about the happy couple and their friends. This will not only bring up great memories for your guests but encourage them to work together and learn a bit more about one another.

Something Old

Incorporate elements of the weddings of your loved ones. Set up a table with wedding photos of your grandparents, great-grandparents, and parents to pay homage to the history of your families. These photos can even be incorporated into the centerpieces for each table. Although weddings are celebrations of the happy couple, they are also celebrations of the growth of families. Your loved ones will be so touched to see elements of their special day incorporated into your own.

Make Sure It Rings True

Perhaps the most iconic part of a wedding is the rings. The wedding rings are an important symbol of unity and love that shows the world your commitment to your partner. But you don’t need to get the same exact ring as everyone else. Opt for something that shows off your personality. There are many options for unique men’s wedding bands. And if you are looking for an engagement ring that wows with more than one stone, consider a multi-stone diamond ring. Rings should always feel like an extension of your style and personality.

Give Your Guests Their Moment

Everyone loves a wedding but not everyone wants a cabinet filled with monogrammed favors that will collect dust for years and years. What’s the best way to give your guests a gift? Why not hire a portrait photographer specifically for them? There will obviously be the photos for the bridal party, but the rest of your guests have also dressed to the nines and spent a lot of time and money to prepare for this day. Let them walk away with a portrait that captures their personality and style. Who knows? Maybe they can add it to their dating profile and soon enough you’ll be attending their wedding.

Be Ready To Dance

Just because you’re all prim and proper for the ceremony doesn’t mean you have to be on the dance floor. Swap out your heels for some sneakers and get ready to party. Why not get customized sneakers for you and your partner? It’s a fun touch that will encourage the rest of the party to let loose a bit and be ready to dance the night away. Have some baskets of sandals on hand for your guests too if they need to ditch the formal footwear.

What To Do When Something Goes Wrong

Weddings are a part of life, and life is unpredictable. So, should you prepare for the worst when it comes to your big day? Both yes and no. Being prepared for something to go wrong is always a good idea, but obsessing over possible disasters and ruining your day because of it is not. This is where your bridal party and loved ones can come in to save the day. Ask your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and friends to come up with several contingency plans for possible emergencies. What if the bride’s dress rips? How do we handle a crasher? Who will be stopping the little ones from running towards the cake?

Have little kits in each bathroom of deodorant, floss, bandaids, ibuprofen, and really anything you can think of that can help to divert a possible emergency. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for these plans, you should only focus on what makes you happy throughout the day.

Make Sure Your Loved Ones Feel Loved

This is your big day but there are a lot of people who were there to make sure you could get hitched without a glitch. There are plenty of small ways that you can show your love to the people who have helped you to get down the aisle. Present each member of the wedding party with a small gift, incorporate photos of your friends in collages, and make sure you keep your own cool. Weddings can be stressful days, but lashing out never helps anyone.

At the end of the day, you are surrounded by the people who love you the most doing everything they can to make sure you have a spectacular day. Show them that love right back.

What Is The Key To the Perfect Wedding?

When planning a wedding, you may be pulled in a million different directions, but you don’t need to follow every rule and tradition. A wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner and the love that you have built. If that reflection doesn’t look exactly like how society has envisioned it, then so be it! Don’t be afraid to have a backyard ceremony, park ceremony, courthouse commitment, or even something on a boat. Ultimately, the wedding should be about what will make you and your partner the happiest. The key to the perfect wedding is to follow what got you to the altar in the first place—your heart.

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