Wedding Day Jewelry Shopping Tips


Congratulations! The day you’ve been dreaming about is finally here. Your commitments with your partner are going to convert into holy vows and you are going to live with each other till eternity, what a gratifying feeling you are going to experience. A wedding day brings a lot of happiness, joy, and blessings and adds a profound definition to the …

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10 Fun Ideas You May Want To Try Out On Your Wedding Day

Happy wedding couple

Are you searching for fun ideas to try out on your upcoming big day? This is your special day, and it should make a difference. Having fun is your highest priority. Your family and friends take time off their schedule to celebrate you for good reasons. Not to forget the diamond wedding ring that would forever be on your finger …

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15 Unique Ways Brides Can Incorporate “Something Blue” on Their Wedding Day


Old, new and borrowed aren’t a problem. But what do you for your something blue for your wedding day? There are many subtle and different ways to incorporate something blue to help make you feel extra charmed on your big day. Sources of Blue Stylish and unique options can be found using natural materials such as aquamarine, tourmaline and sapphire. …

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