Submit Your Real Wedding Story

Wedding Story

What do you do after your wedding end? You may keep it in your memory, or you may make it into inspiration for million other couples who are planning to do their marriage. Send your wedding story and photos to and get a chance to have your story featured in our website. Before sending your story, make sure your …

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Some Inspirations for Trendy Wedding Dress


In almost every wedding, the dress is the most items to be spotted. Remember when Kate Middleton’s classic long-sleeved dressed become an icon of contemporary classic dress. If we look around, wedding dress has caught the biggest attention among all wedding preparation. We all hope that we will only married once, so it is pretty important to provides the best …

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Anti-Mainstream Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding Guest Book

Most people just take wedding guest book for granted. However, it’s important for your documentation. It can be your souvenir and memory of one of your happy days. We usually come across some conventional guest books, with list template in it. Well, do you think that it’s like accounting book instead of book for a wedding day? If you want …

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Practical Tips for Arranging Wedding Venue

Event Hall

Choosing wedding venue can be a challenging task especially if your home is not space enough to hold wedding party.  If you have relative who have big ballroom or garden for conducting party and they are willing to help, it’s no problem. But what if you don’t have any? Especially for urban people, there is almost no enough space for …

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