Summer is hot, and your summer wedding should be just the same. Is there any better time to celebrate a wedding if not during a midsummer night? It is the most fun setting, with clear sky above your head and dry ground under your foot – the perfect atmosphere for a festivity.

Holding a wedding during summer can be meaningful in a lot of thing. People are generally happier in the summer due to the large amount for sunlight. Hopefully, the spirit of summer – the warmth, the happiness and the freedom – will be retained in your marriage forever.

However, summer wedding can be tricky because the hot temperature can make your guest unable to enjoy themselves. So, if you want to host a summer wedding, pay attention to the temperature to make sure your guests, and yourself as well, to be comfortable during the event.

Here, we’ve compiled 16 ideas for summer wedding that will help you plan the best wedding ever..

  1. Outdoor or Semi-Outdoor Venue
    In the warm weather, don’t confine your festivity indoor. Take advantage of the friendly temperature and held your wedding outdoor. If you’re concerned about the sudden change in weather, you can opt for semi-outdoor venue.
  2. Lakeside or Poolside Venue
    A large body of water will help your guests feel cooler and send a vibe of summer straight to their feeling. Lakeside venue is good when you have a natural, classic, or fairy tale-ish concept. Meanwhile, if you have more contemporary or modern concept, swimming pool will be more apt for a choice.
  3. Beach Wedding
    If you live in the coastal area, take advantage of your geographic location and choose the beach as your venue. Imagine the sea horizon as the background when you’re exchanging vow. Now, that’s a stunning and memorable view.
  4. Short Wedding Dress
    In the humid weather, short wedding dress will give you both comfort and style. Don’t be discouraged to wear short wedding dress just because it seems unorthodox. In fact, short wedding dress will give you fresh and youthful vibe – an energy that match well with your summer concept.
  5. Light Shade of Tuxedo
    Dark colors retain heat, so don’t torture your groom by putting him in black tuxedo. Opt for lighter shade like white, light grey, or even unconventional color like light blue or light violet. Not only the light shade will make it cooler for the groom, the color will match the entire summer vibe of the wedding.
  6. Green or Yellow Color Schemes
    For hot, crisp weather of summer, pick a bold and bright color. Spring pastel and winter white will look too pale under the sunlight while red will look more suitable for the maple color of autumn. Go for green or yellow to infuse the spirit of summer into your wedding.
  7. Sunflower Centerpieces and Bouquet
    What flower can represent summer better than sunflower? The name, the size and the color are all apt for a summer wedding. Use a lot of sunflowers for the decoration – from the centerpieces on the table or on the receptions. Combine them with smaller flowers like roses and camellias. Sunflower bouquet is no less stunning than a bouquet of white roses.
  8. Cold Beverage Bar
    There is nothing more refreshing than a cold drink during summer. Prepare both alcoholic and nonalcoholic bar. For alcoholic bar, you can serve a signature chilled cocktail – something like mojito with slices of lemon or berries. For nonalcoholic bar, usually lemonade and iced tea are very popular. Add various cubed fruit (like apples, pears, or grapes) for the guests to add to their drink.
  9. Fan for Wedding Favors
    A beautifully crafted bamboo fan will be both suitable and useful for your guests – they can use it immediately during this summer and again in the next summers.
  10. Slippers for Wedding Favors
    Summer is too confining to wear sneakers or shoes. Your guests will like it if you give them a pair of free slippers they can wear whether in the house or on the beach.
  11. Fruity Wedding Cake
    To match the spirit of summer, consider to have open cake instead of the usual wedding cake. Use different colors of fruits for decoration (berries, grapes, and kiwis among many others).
  12. Fresh Appetizers
    In the summer, nothing stimulates your appetite like a cool, fresh appetizer. Because the main course will be quite heavy, choose bit-sized appetizers to serve. Menu like mini salad will sure earn popularity – either shrimp salad, Caesar salad, or even chicken salad. Use cool vegetables like cucumbers and tomato in the ingredients.
  13. Grill Station
    Summer is the season for barbeque. For the main course, you can set up a grill station for your guests. A piece of steak or chicken for each guest will be fabulous, served with various vegetables they can take by themselves on the side. If you want the grill to be prettier, consider kabobs bar. Let your guests make their own stick of kabobs and give them to the cook to be grilled.
  14. Picnic Table
    Still with the spirit of summer, decorate your serving table like a picnic table. That means wooden bench, checkered tablecloth, picnic basket for decoration, and porcelain crockery. This will create a friendly, relaxed environment instead of the usual formal situation. Your guests will mingle easier with each other and will definitely have a good time!
  15. Bonfire
    Finally, to end the memorable occasion, choose this extremely fun activity: bonfire! Lit the fire in the middle of the clearing and have your wedding dance around it. It sure won’t be forgotten for a long time, both by you and your guests. Of course, make sure to coordinate with the venue whether a bonfire is possible or not. Don’t forget to prepare for emergency situation.
  16. Fireworks
    No less impressive than bonfire is fireworks. The loudness and the beauty of fireworks will sure add the festivity of your celebration. Pick fireworks as the closing act to retain its grandness. Again, please check first with the venue whether it is possible or not to have fireworks in your party. Also prepare plan for emergency situation.

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