Submit Your Real Wedding Story

What do you do after your wedding end? You may keep it in your memory, or you may make it into inspiration for million other couples who are planning to do their marriage. Send your wedding story and photos to and get a chance to have your story featured in our website.

Before sending your story, make sure your story fits these criteria:

  • The wedding must be real
  • The wedding must be your own
  • The wedding story has not been published or sent to other wedding website

Also, here is the guideline to write your story:

  1. Write us an anecdote of your wedding, from how you and your spouse met, the proposal, the concept you decided for your wedding, the preparation and the challenges you faced during it, as well as the end result.
  2. The anecdote should not be in the form of draft, but it must be completed. Please proofread it before sending to check any typo or grammar mistake.
  3. If you include any quotation or text from other sources, for example book or song, please mention the source.
  4. Attach minimum 10 photos which depict both the getting ready ceremony and the reception.
  5. If those photos are taken by professional photographer, please include the name, website, and contact information of your photographer so we can credit them as requested.
  6. You can include the name and contact information of your other wedding vendor if you want.
  7. Include your wedding date and location.
  8.  Finally, don’t forget to add your personal information (you and your spouse’s name, your address, your email and your phone number.)
  9. Send the text and photos to with the subject REAL WEDDING – YOUR NAME

We receive many wedding stories every day and sometimes there is not enough featured slots for all of the stories, so please understand that we do not promise your story a placement. To increase your chance of getting the placement, send us a wedding story that has these three:

  • Great photography
  • Unique concept
  • Touching anecdote

When our editor selected your story, you will be contacted through email or phone for confirmation.

Finally, when we publish your wedding story as featured article, you can check them in our home page or in Real Wedding Story page.

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